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Children Need to Play, Not Compete by Jessica Statsky - Essay Example

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This paper “Children Need to Play, Not Compete by Jessica Statsky” focuses on the children that should not be competing in sports which follow adult standards. Children in the age-group 6 – 12 years are neither physically nor psychologically matured enough for competitions. …
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Children Need to Play, Not Compete by Jessica Statsky
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Extract of sample "Children Need to Play, Not Compete by Jessica Statsky"

Download file to see previous pages Future promising sportsmen are lost in this way. The process of selection for competitions also leads children to lose their confidence. They may begin to underestimate themselves if they are not selected and never feel an urge to participate. It is not good for children to win and lose like adults. There is a general tendency to apply adult principles to children’s activities. The parents and coaches seem to be more interested in competition rather than sport, and often make it a prestige issue. On the whole, the writer concludes that competitive sports are not suitable for children. Yong children ‘deserve sports programs designed specifically for their needs and abilities,” states Jessica Stasky.
According to Jessica Stasky “…organized sports for children have increased dramatically in the U.S.” it must be noted that adults organize sports events for children, just as bull-fights and cock-fights were organized in ancient times by human beings to satisfy their pleasure instincts. Nobody gives a thought to the opinions or willingness of the children who are forced to participate. It is parents who make a prestige issue of winning and losing in sports, as they do in academics. “Too many adults have won as the only goal. Even though they may deny it verbally, their behaviour reflects a winning-is-everything attitude. ( Martens R. 1978). Children are more interested in participation and fun without any kind of pressure of competition. Nobody will agree that the delicate and developing bodies of children should be subjected to risk of injury. On the contrary, they need safety and protection. Fred Engh reported that “…he had witnessed much ugliness in children’s sports. He attributed this to vicarious parents who will stop at nothing to push their child unmercifully to be a star athlete and will cheat, bend the rules and even risk the safety of children.”(In Humphrey and Deborah 2002)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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