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Summary & Strong Response - Essay Example

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Children need to play not to compete Jessica Statsky in her essay ‘Children need to play not to compete’ argues against the involvement of children in the organized competitive sports. Statsky strongly opposes the high spirited competitions set for the children mentioning three reasons…
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Summary & Strong Response
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Download file to see previous pages Whenever the children practice, they have a fear in their mind whether they get injured or not. She stresses this point by taking the example of a boy who practices curve ball. She stresses this by quoting Koppett that muscle strain or even life lifelong injury may result when a twelve –year –old throws curved ball. She says even though they are not injured, they may have the fear in mind which always disturbs them during the practice. . The third point she mentions is the over stress that the parents and their coaches undergo. They really kill the happiness and innocence of the children. The example of a parent who raged against the other team is a typical example that she gives in the essay. I strongly agree with her arguments. Even though I had not read the essay earlier, I strongly felt the inevitability of keeping the children away from the organized sports events. It is an undeniable fact that these competitions are more overlooked by the parents and the coaches or even the sponsors of the children than the children themselves. The parent’s agony about the children’s future is easily understandable from the above mentioned incidents. Once I happened to hear a member of a team expressing his relief after knowing that the leading player of the other team was hurt and therefore could not play. I really felt that the children are taught indirectly to keep away from the value system. The age is marked with both physical and mental growth. The emotional stress that they suffer in this period will have a long lasting effect. The unhealthy competitions are in a way harmful to the mental set up of children. Some schools have the grading systems to promote sports among children. Those who play sports will be awarded according to their performance. Sometimes they even give participation points also. This is also a cause of ill feeling in the minds of small children. If they want to compete, let them do it without the interference of externals. The interests of the children are to be valued more than the prize or the position. So the rigorous practice according to the selected item can done after the specified age. Winning at any coast becomes the issue of prestige for them. It surely kills the true spirit of sports. The meaning of the word of sports itself is ‘entertainment’. But we can notice that the child who wins the games also fails to express the happiness on face as expected of him. Thus it is clear that the children are under stress. Jessica points out some related incidents her essay. One parent from a team faces up a player of the other team and it led the team to arrange security guards for them Children want to enjoy sports and develop healthy relationship. This is possible in team plays. The entire aim of the sports arranged for children should the enhancement of team spirit and cooperation. Sports are a very good media which can be used to inculcate many social values in the young tender minds of children. The authorities who set these for them should encourage them in this way. The experiences they get from these games are to be valued more than winning at any cost. I conclude here by strongly supporting the arguments of the writer. Competing theory is to be taken into account only from the part of the children. The interference of parents or adults is obviously misleading and the children cannot enjoy the true spirit in a positive way. The children are with the inbuilt capacity to realize the need of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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