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It has become a habit since the first day he stepped to his first grade furthermore it was a good way to pass time. Many are times when little children of his age go around causing mayhem and breaking into…
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Reading of story
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Reading Little Moses gets up early every day to go to the library to read. It has become a habit since the first day he stepped to his first grade furthermore it was a good way to pass time. Many are times when little children of his age go around causing mayhem and breaking into people’s home to steal food for fun. More so, when he goes to his favourite table to read he does it with gusto: he imagines himself as the next bill gates.
Looking back at their home a one bedroomed house at the end of the LumumbaStreet, you will wonder why he takes such a long walk to the library. Not only is it so far but also unsafe with thugs and street children in every corner of the road. His motivation? He will one day get a degree, a good job and maybe get his dear mother out of the abject poverty.
Like many children in this society, the culture of reading is a self-motivational one. Furthermore not even a quarter of the society around that place, including the elderly, have set their feet to the library. However, those of Moses gusto do not care about what the other world think about them. Their spirit unshaken, their minds set and their motivation intact, they will conquer the world with the power of reading.
In conclusion, “the more you read the more things you will know, the more places you will go” Dr Seus(George 23) . This is what will always keep Moses spirit of reading going on and on.
George, Diana, and John Trimbur.Reading culture. 8th ed. White Plains, N.Y.: Longman ;, 2011. Print. Read More
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