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Literary : Mellow Yellow - Essay Example

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Barry Callaghan’s “Mellow Yellow” shows the problems of using stop-and-go signal lights in romance. Traffic lights have clear meanings- go, stop, and wait- and these lights mean something to the Marie-Claire McBride and Conrad…
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Literary Essay: Mellow Yellow
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Download file to see previous pages The couple has conflicting personalities because while Connie has a serious, reserved, and confident character that matches the red light, Marie-Claire is hesitant, which makes her a yellow light, and yet her open attitude in life makes her a green light person. Connie has a serious attitude in life, although Marie-Claire enjoys their laughs together. An example is when he gets serious with his darts, where when he watches dart games on TV, he does not speak to Marie-Claire and bites his knuckles until they are “red, almost raw” (40). He takes things too seriously he gets anxious over them. Marie-Claire does not get too serious in life, which is why when her mother asks her what she is going to do with her life, she just answers that she is “going to live it” (35). Her carefree attitude can be seen as yellow light, undecided in making concrete future plans. Moreover, when Marie-Claire first brought Connie to her house, she noticed that he was trying to be friendly, but appears cold. She observed him as “very sure of himself, very amiable, and yet aloof” (36). The story makes him look like a stop light where people stop to look at him, but they are anxious to also go and leave him because of his aloofness. Connie can also be cold to Marie-Claire. When he does not like what she does, he would either laugh at her or give her a “disdainful look,” like he observes her walking gracefully in the bar (41). Instead of telling her how he feels, he keeps everything bottled up. An example of his reservation is when he stays silent during dinner with Marie-Claire’s parents because of her father’s silence, where Connie reacted by not talking “too much” or being “overbearing” (38). He should have tried to break the ice between him and Marie-Claire’s father, but instead, he responded to silence with silence. In addition, Conrad is as set as a red light because he is sure of his future (38). He is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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