Sexist, racist, and homophobic - Essay Example

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Furthermore, a far more common aspect that is exhibited within the realm of communication is with regards to a litany of different communication barriers. Many of these barriers impact upon the way in which understanding is conducted and empathy can…
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Sexist, racist, and homophobic
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Good communication is rare. Furthermore, a far more common aspect that is exhibited within the realm of communication is with regards to a litany of different communication barriers. Many of these barriers impact upon the way in which understanding is conducted and empathy can be created. One of the most common forms of barriers that exist to communication is with regards to preliminary judgments. As such, these preliminary judgments create an understanding within the mind of stakeholders within the conversation that another individual, or group of individuals, is closed minded and unable to accept a particular approach that might be promoted. The most common forms of communication failure and barriers that exist are with regards to language that is racist, homophobic, or sexist.
Racist language creates an understanding on the part of the stakeholders within the communication that the individual is blinded to the realities of life and can only focus upon narrow-minded understandings of racial distinctions. Accordingly, the core communication barrier that is exhibited is with respect to an individual within the communication determining that wasting further time attempting to understand or integrate with an individual that exhibits racist tendencies is ultimately a colossal waste of time.
Secondly, homophobic language creates an understanding of the fact that an individual who integrates with such a view is unable to accept an individual based upon their sexual orientation. Not only does this represent another close minded approach to the world, it also indicates a situation in which any type of difference with regards to the way in which such a person views the world is understood in terms of “aberrance”. Once again, communicators within the situation can come to the conclusion that an individual that espouses such a closed minded view is necessarily likely not to integrate with a particular point of view or ideas that might be promoted further within the conversation. As a direct result of homophobic language, individuals within communication settings are oftentimes encouraged to merely in the communications and move on without addressing any further issues; losing a golden opportunity for development of relations.
Finally, sexist language might be the most damaging of all. The underlying rationale for this has to do with the fact that even though racial minorities comprise a large percentage of the global population, there are only two genders; male and female. As a direct result of this, within any communication setting, it is highly likely that several of the individuals involved in such a communication will be of different sexes (Hale et al. 699). In such a manner, if an individual begins and interaction by uttering sexist jokes or phrases, a large percentage of the individuals that are involved in the communication might be encouraged to merely in the discussion rather than continuing with an individual that is clearly close minded and intolerant.
From all the information that is thus far been presented, it can clearly be seen that communication is a core aspect of human interaction that requires a level of open-mindedness and acceptance upon all individuals participating. With such an understanding in mind, the reader can note the overall importance of maintaining high standards of discussion and refraining from any blanket judgments or criticisms that might otherwise derive individual indicators away from the issue at hand.
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(Sexist, Racist, and Homophobic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Sexist, Racist, and Homophobic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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