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It is an assessment method with various sources of information about an employee’s performance (Tosti & Addison, 2009; Shaver, 1998).
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Download file to see previous pages This results in confounded data since different people view the employee under assessment differently. If such feedback were to be classified, the peers would be classified differently, the bosses, and the other colleagues too. Under each group there people with similar ideas about the individual being assessed, there are those with different opinions, and there are those who may have nothing to say. These people may also be influenced by various factors. This is the source of confusion that is brought about by this method.
Inaccuracy: Information is obtained from various people, some of whom do not have adequate opportunity to see an individual’s behaviour in all aspects. Accuracy of such kind of information is therefore, suspect.
Difficulty in interpretation: it is indicated that with this kind of assessment, people find it difficult to transform information into proper action, or to interpret facts about their own performance.
No, different circumstances face healthcare professionals and these cannot be used to judge their behaviour. There is the risk of complexity in the kind of data produced. Feedback providers may not provide accurate information depending on the situation they were in, for example emergency situations, and the feedback may be discouraging (Tosti & Addison, 2009).
A skills gap is a situation where an organization’s capabilities demands skills that cannot be provided by its current employees. Skills gap exist because; the level of education does not match what the nations need, and more jobs are changing in terms of technology, knowledge, and teamwork requirements (Galagan, 2010).
Reasons that account for skill gaps are; change in organizational strategies, effects of mergers and acquisitions, company leadership ranks’ lack of bench strength, and reduced investments allocated for training. The leading cause of skill gaps was lack of qualified ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MOD4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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