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Globalization (Korean-wave or Korean-pop) - Research Paper Example

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Globalization is an option by which every country has able to globalize their product, innovations as well as culture. A detailed research about the effect of globalization on culture and with the…
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Globalization (Korean-wave or Korean-pop)
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Extract of sample "Globalization (Korean-wave or Korean-pop)"

Download file to see previous pages This research will help the people to understand what the effect of globalization of different culture is and how it helps the Korean Pop culture to spread all across the globe. Apart from that this research paper will also help us to discuss the effect of globalization on the Korean Pop culture and also how it influences other music types across the globe. With the help of this research paper we can analyze the effect of globalization in a particular field like culture and music. Being a culturally rich country, the main aim of Korea is to spread their culture all across the globe. These reviews will help us analyze different positive and negative effects of globalization, how Korean wave culture uses this concept of globalization in their advantage to promote their culture.
The working thesis of this paper will be “globalization is just a supporting tool not the essential one to promote the Korean Pop culture as this culture have the essence in it to get noticed by the world”. The answer of the research questions will be based on the literature review, primary research. Through literature review we will discuss about different author’s and scholars viewpoint about how the globalization plays a role in cultural mix and match across the globe and how it plays a role in the journey of Korean pop music. The primary research will help us to get the present conception about the effects of globalization on the Korean culture in terms of both positive and negative, along with the opinion of common man regarding how the globalization helps in popularity of Korean pop or Korean wave.
While answering this paper we will take a primary research based approach with supporting the view of the positive impact of globalization based on different author’s viewpoints. The primary research will be based on 10 questions, out of which 8 will be close ended questions and rest 2 open ended. The answers of the open ended questions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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