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A serial-killer investigation in a Korean rural setting in Memories of Murder - Essay Example

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The essay "A serial-killer investigation in a Korean rural setting in Memories of Murder" shows realistic scenes and acting skills, matched with an impressive musical score, that defines, not only the challenges of police work in a rural community, but also the general social challenges in Korea. …
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A serial-killer investigation in a Korean rural setting in Memories of Murder
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Extract of sample "A serial-killer investigation in a Korean rural setting in Memories of Murder"

Download file to see previous pages The story follows a linear structure that is typical of detective films. It starts with the first body found, and then revelations of the bodies of other victims. Detectives Park and Seo work with other cops to examine the evidence and crime scenes. Slowly, they learn more about the killing methods of the killer (i.e. using the things of the victims to kill them, such as panty hose for strangling their necks, putting their panties on their faces, and tying hands with the same knot) and his preferences in his victims (i.e. almost all are sexy, beautiful, and wearing red dresses walking at rainy nights). The investigation, in addition, slowly reveals more information about the personality of the detectives and their society. Inspector Park is shown as the contrast of Seo. Park is biased and unsystematic, almost apathetic to the victims, while Seo is scientific in his approach and committed to his job. The film also shows the setting’s socioeconomic and political issues. For instance, the rice fields show that the main livelihood of the people is agriculture. The surroundings also show rural poverty and political chaos. The mise-en-scene captures wide rice fields and old buildings. The police station and other interiors of buildings are shabby. The people’s costumes also demonstrate their poverty with faded clothing. The sharp contrast is seen between the first parts of the parade, where high school students wear traditional Korean dresses, but it rains, so they go for cover, and the next scene, which shows a riot against the president. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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