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Murder - Essay Example

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Comparison between Dexter Morgan in Jeff Lindsay Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Matt Fowler in Andre Dubus Killings; Dexter, as established in this novel is a charming psychopath. He is working as a blood spatter pattern analyst for the police department of Miami…
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Download file to see previous pages The novel starts with him dispatching a priest who had killed orphaned children. He is aware of his being inhuman, but he has grown in himself qualities which is human-like to conceal who and what he truly is. He can be very charming but there is no sincerity behind it.
Dexter cannot control his desire; when the full moon is out, he is compelled by his passion to kill, urged by a hidden force he calls his Dark Passenger. He takes pleasure in his killings, obtaining delight from a perfectly executed murder, gradually filleting his victims when they are still breathing, no traces of blood after, but he leaves one drop of blood from his victims in order for him to feel again the excitement of the murder
He is one of the most likable vigilante serial killers, deals with his eventual opponent, a frightening evil which scares away Dexter's inner monster, and almost weakens his sense of humor. His job as Miami crime scene investigator, Dexter is familiarized with observing evil acts specifically in some instances, wherein he is more willing to commit them himself. He was
A horrible double homicide at a university campus changes everything for Dexter as he is called to the crime scene wherein Dexter should usually investigate with delight. But this crime scene, wherein two co-eds were burned ceremonially and beheaded, gives even the human vivisection, mysteriously vanishes the voice of the Dark Passenger inside Dexter's head. The burned and beheaded corpse count persists to increase, and Dexter recognizes that the power behind the killings is incredibly even more evil than his Dark Passenger. Dexter Dark Passenger senses something familiar, something absolutely frightening, and the Passenger, the mastermind of Dexter's homicidal ability, instantly disappear. Similarly disturbing, Dexter starts to understand that a touch of a very dark force is reaching out to him. (Lindsay 2004)
Matt Fowler kills for revenge, as he suffers tremendously because of his son's, Frank, murder. The victim's murder was so distressing to his parents that Matt's heart was dying to kill his son's killer, Richard Strout. The endless imagination of Frank's murder destroyed Matt and his wife Ruth, until they carried out their vengeance on Strout and comforted their emotions. At the same time, the crime also reflects through the mind of Matt Fowler, how Strout loved ones would die inside by his murder. In this particular spot, it is portrayed that the emotions of families died on the deaths of their loved ones.
At the back of Matt's mind, he presumes that Strout will only serve some years in prison and be given probation and he does not agree that he can deal with it if that will happen. Ruth suffers the idea of seeing Strout all over places and can not face the truth that Strout is out on bail after murdering her son Frank. Matt then was overpowered with the killing of his son and chooses to take action. Matt, from his own perspective, has no other option but to kill as his wife
is emotionally manipulating him into taking drastic action and in their mind, they will never achieve peace unless they take a desperate act of closure.
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