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Women in love with serial killers in prison - Research Paper Example

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Serial killers are individuals who murder at least three people over duration of over thirty days, a period of cooling off occurring between each murderous act. Serial killers according to other sources are those who commit a series of two or more murders in different events usually by an offender acting solely…
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Women in love with serial killers in prison
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"Women in love with serial killers in prison"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the most common motivations for serial murder include attention seeking, thrill, anger, the desire to fulfil sexual needs, as well as financial gain according to Schechter (52). One common element with attempted or effected serial murders is that they are often committed by the same individual in similar fashion. Alternatively, the victims of the said killer may have a point of commonality such as race, sex, age group or occupation.
Serial killers being both subjects and objects of scorn, ridicule, horror, are never looked upon with admiration among the general population according to Schechter (64). It is often argued, against their case, that they deserve to be given the most severe of punishments for disrespecting their victims’ rights to life. In fact, their plight is often prison, their fate upon conviction always being life imprisonment or at worst, the death penalty. It rarely occurs that people get sympathetic to, attracted to or in love with serial killers, mass murderers, or spree killers. However, there are exceptions to this as discussed hereunder.
Serial Killer Groupies
Serial Killer Groupies (SKGs) in lay man’s language are individuals – male or female - who are somehow obsessed with serial killers to the point of developing unusual emotional attachments with them (Ramsland, 2010). What this means is that serial killers sometimes become magnets to people, mostly females. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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