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Asian Culture On Music - Essay Example

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Although each region of the Asian continent has its music with unique characters, most Asian music is characterised by the use of the pentatonic scale (Hartong, 2006). In other words, music from regions such as Central Asia originates from the diverse cultures and peoples in the said region but have certain similarities…
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Asian Culture On Music
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Download file to see previous pages Asian music is also accompanied by percussion instruments such as kettledrums, frame drums and tambourines. Another common musical instrument common in Asia, especially among the Inner Asian pastoralist communities is the Choor, which is a reed or wooden end-blown flute of different lengths but of four to five holes. This instrument has different names in different cultures with Mongolians calling it Tsuur while Kazakhstanis call it Sybyzghy. The other instruments with which the Inner Asian pastoralist music is associated are Dayra (a frame drum with jingles found in Central Asia and played by both men and women and Dombra, which is a class of two-stringed, long-necked lutes, regarded Kazakhstan's national instrument.
Unfortunately for Asian music culture, there has been a lot of erosion of Asian music due to globalisation, more so the westernization of Asian music, which has led to increased calls and efforts to preserve the Asian musical heritage. An example of the efforts or initiatives that seek to preserve the Asian music culture is the Aga Khan Trust established in 2000 to especially assist in preserving the musical heritage of Central Asia. This initiative referred to as the Aga Khan Music Initiative in Central Asia (AKMICA) works with other tradition and cultural heritage stakeholders throughout Asian to ensure that the region’s musical traditions are carried from one generation of artists and audiences to the next. Additionally, the initiative seeks to popularize Central Asia musical culture to other regions by sponsoring music tours and festivals besides documenting and disseminating Asia’s musical culture. This paper explores the characteristic, cultural specificity, and the local and global significance of Asian music and its interaction with other music cultures. In addition, the effect of globalisation on Asian music is discussed with respect to Asian pop cultures such as Korean pop. The Significance of Music in the Asian Society That Asian culture is quite beautiful and luring is an undeniable fact. Of greater and unparalleled beauty and significance are the recorded and cherished Asian cultures, which are handed down from one generation to the other. These cultural aspects of Asia are not only rich with evidences of past and current cultural struggles but also show the triumphs of Asian cultures over natural forces that would otherwise erode these cultures at the slightest opportunities (Philip & Wong, 1997). Like in other regions, Asians store and chronicle their stories of struggle and triumph in music, which is in turn carried from one generation to the next. This music document and preserve the events, cultures and the feelings of the people of Asia. Thus, Asian music is more that the strumming of strings and the beating of drums that one hears when music is played. There is more to every musical culture as what one hears in Tokyo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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