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Darwins Rib - Essay Example

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However, he had two unusual cases, his mother who had 13 pairs and the 5300-year-old man carcass that had 11 pairs of ribs. His findings are different from the story of creation…
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Darwins Rib
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"Darwins Rib"

Download file to see previous pages Science follows a series of research by scientists while the bible summarizes the story of creation. The theory needs people to believe (Root-Bernstein 1). The bible has two ways of explaining how the creation story theory came about. One is that, God makes things to appear and the other one is God works through his chosen ways. He created Adam and removed one of his ribs to create Eve though they committed sin by eating the forbidden fruit.
Creationism should not be taught as a science lesson because the theory does not have the series of evidence like evolution. Additionally, creationism involves a super natural being and science does not approve its existence. Several unanswered questions appear in the story of creation. For example, creation answers the origin of God while evolution answers all questions through research (Root-Bernstein 1).
The two theories are respectable. The theory of evolution by Darwin gives enough evidence and challenges the creation theory. His research findings prove a point that humans have evolved. However, the creation theory makes a lot of sense because religion is about believing in the unseen God who affects our lives. His work is also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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