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The 2012 campaign was a unique experience in America because the two presidential opponents, Obama and Romney, tried to outspend each other on negative advertising. The article by Dwyer…
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APA Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages gn trail” (2012, p.1).  The campaigns in America shocked even the players themselves with Obama decrying the negative onslaughts by Romney, who kept insisting on the significance of elevating the debate.
When American voters were asked to comment on their take on the negative ads, their views were divided. The interview by ABC news showed that some voters argued that negativity can not be avoided because it works in politics. Others thought that while the campaigns are awash with negativity, aimed at persuading them, they hated this daylight bashing on televisions. One of the interviewees from Orlando, Julie Petosa, was concerned about the escalating tone and resigned “I don’t know how we’re going to live through three more months of it” (2012, p.1).
An analysis by Kantar Media/CMAG data analyzed that three quarters of the $332 million channeled on TV advertising went towards negative ads. Many voters reasoned that although negative attacks vary in intensity and they wished they could avoid listening to them so as to maintain positive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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