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The impact of the internet on speeches or debates in campaigns - Essay Example

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The impact of the internet on speeches or debates in campaigns The impact of the internet on speeches or debates in campaigns “When asked whether the internet has made it easier to connect with others who share their own political views, 54% of online Americans agree that it has (Attitudes towards the internet’s impact on politics, 2010)…
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The impact of the internet on speeches or debates in campaigns
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Extract of sample "The impact of the internet on speeches or debates in campaigns"

Download file to see previous pages All these debates are live telecasting by the television and internet media. Many people have the belief or myth that only the opinions expressed by the presidential candidate have the power to influence the public opinion. According to Postman (2005), “Indeed we may have reached the point where the cosmetics has replaced ideology as the field of expertise over which a politician must have competent control”(Postman, 2005, p.4). In other words, the appearance and body languages of the speaker can influence the public immensely. Internet is a medium in which people often discuss the appearance, views and opinions expressed by the candidates. The outcomes of these debates may definitely influence the result of the election. This paper analyses the impact of the internet on speeches or debates in campaigns. Internet and campaigns “The idea that there is a content called “the news of the day” was entirely created by the telegraph which made it possible to decontextualized information over vast spaces at incredible speeds” (Postman, 2005, p.8). Instant communication is made possible with the introduction of internet. It is easy for a person in America to communicate with a person in India or Africa instantly using different means of internet based communication. For example, social networks are influencing the people immensely. According to a recent report, Facebook membership has already crossed 1000000000. It should be noted that these people are communicating each other through social networks and exchange their ideas about everything in this world. The use of discussion forums, weblogs (commonly known as blogs), and online discussion groups, allow ongoing dialogues between the candidate, campaign staff, volunteers, and supporters. The Internet’s virtual nature enhances the number and diversity of people participating in campaign discussions, creating “global conversations that previously would have occurred only in local groups and conferences (Rice, 2004, p.4) The ongoing political debates between president Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney is watched anxiously by millions of the people all over the world. The recent debate between President Obama and his Republican Party opponent Mitt Romney, about the economic policies of America has been watched with interest by Americans as well as the people in other parts of the world. Reports show that Romney gained an upper hand over Obama after this debate. Plenty of debates are going to happen between these two contesters in near future itself. “One-third of online adults (33%) say that it is usually easy for them to tell what it true from what is false when it comes to the political information they find online, while 56% say that it is usually difficult for them to determine this” (Attitudes towards the internet’s impact on politics, 2010). One of the major advantages of communication through internet is the ability to stay anonymous. Internet is a medium through which the unspoken truth and rumours can be spread without fear. For example, it is possible for an Obama fan or a democrat to work against Obama using internet. In fact thousands of political workers are working for their candidate through internet and social networks. These political workers are spreading truths as well as myths or rumours. In politics, only opponents are there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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