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Although I am familiar with the atrocities of war based upon historical accounts and reports stemming from current events, nothing prepared me for the harsh reality of violence again women as it currently happens in Sierra Leone. The only thing that I could think of while…
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Operation Fine Girl
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Operation Fine Girl Although I am familiar with the atrocities of war based upon historical accounts and reports stemming from current events, nothing prepared me for the harsh reality of violence again women as it currently happens in Sierra Leone. The only thing that I could think of while listening to the testimonials of the female rape victims was that something has to be done to put a stop to these atrocities. Abducting little and adolescent girls to become sex slaves for the rebel soldiers is something that should not be tolerated by the modern, civilized world.
I felt my stomach turn, I wanted to throw up as I sat listening to the accounts of how parents were killed or made to watch as their daughters were raped. As the video stated, Sierra Leone is classified as the poorest country in the world and it shows in the way that they treat their women and the way that a majority of the country obviously lives in abject poverty.
I feel that the United Nations Human Rights Commission should step into this situation and put an end to the atrocities and sexual abuse against women. The women of Sierra Leone need to be saved and shown that they actually have a future even though they are rape victims. They need to be taught that the rape was not the end of they are. Rather, it is only the beginning of their lives. They are not the enemy of their country but its backbone. They are not sex slaves, but women who deserve all the respect that should be accorded to them as the givers of life. They do not deserve to be raped, held hostage for years on end, and then discarded like a piece of trash. Read More
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