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You will imagine that you are writing a 2-3 page letter to Foer arguing the strengths and weaknesses of his (Let Them Eat Dog). Basically, youre giving him advice on how to be more effective with his argument - Essay Example

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I have never tried to eat dog meat before, but your recipe on, the article “Let them Eat Dog” was quite a surprise on the extent of suffering that animals undergo in the hands of their supposed caretakers. Even the dog, which is considered to be best of man’s companions,…
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You will imagine that you are writing a 2-3 page letter to Foer arguing the strengths and weaknesses of his (Let Them Eat Dog). Basically, youre giving him advice on how to be more effective with his argument

Download file to see previous pages... nfair when an animal such as a cat receives special treatment just because it is fuzzy while a pig is neglected because of its snout that make it to be considered ugly. Turning into vegetarians would save humans a lot of trouble ranging from the several deaths resulting from eating animal fat to the environmental impacts of the slaughterhouses.
Your article got me thinking of the many times I get into a restaurant and order meat, be it beef or pork, without ever questioning how I adopted my eating habits. Your article really struck right into the food chain and how we treat animals. Although human beings do not occupy the top of the food chain, they control virtually everything in the food chain. Using a dog to advocate for animal rights left me thinking of the great animal activist you must be. For sure “eating “man’s best friend” (Foer Web) is a taboo as a man eating his best friend”, which no one wants to imagine of.
However, some few changes in your article would have made it more understandable particularly by lay people. Had it not been for the giveaway heading, statements such as “dogs are practically begging to be eaten” (Foer Web), would have left me wondering how exactly to do away with my self-imposed canine eating taboo. At some point I thought you were advocating for carnivorous behaviors. The article it quit complex and merely achieves its intended role of informing the audience on why they should avoid animal eating habits. The article made me think of pertinent issues in the modern society especially global warming and more importantly, the extinction of some important species. The fussing in this article only raises more questions and offers no solution to the person reading the article. The article increasingly mocks anyone who has ever engaged in any form of carnivorousness. I believe that to convince or alter people’s behavior, it would be more advisable to raise the question at hand in a challenging way but not in a manner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Let us find you another Essay on topic You will imagine that you are writing a 2-3 page letter to Foer arguing the strengths and weaknesses of his essay (Let Them Eat Dog). Basically, youre giving him advice on how to be more effective with his argument for FREE!
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