Drama- Glengarry Glen Ross a play by David Mamet - Essay Example

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A young sales man puts every effort to ensure his reluctant clients buy plots of land. The drama shows how kindhearted people often have to…
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Drama- Glengarry Glen Ross a play by David Mamet
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Task Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet The drama, ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ by Mamet is a book that portrays the hard economic times that people experience in the current world. A young sales man puts every effort to ensure his reluctant clients buy plots of land. The drama shows how kindhearted people often have to adapt immoral behaviors to secure their jobs and sources of income. The play shows how the morality of people gets twisted by the desire to conform with the present world trends. The author does this by showing the dark side of making business deals work.
The language used in the drama shows the unique talent of the author to conceal great meanings in simple words. The drama contains many idioms that also emphasize the moral teachings that the author talks about in the book. In the drama, the characters use pauses and stammers that make the language vibrant (Mamet 73). The personality of the characters in the drama often changes and it both repulses and amuses the audience. The characters in the drama also have a comic effect because of their exaggerated personalities.
I believe that the drama is a piece that reminds people on the need of not losing their humanity and morality. This is especially those caused by the current hardship of the economic world. The drama clearly depicts the life of people struggling to become financially stable. The script of the author uses some styles that make it extremely difficult to execute in a play. These styles are like the use of idioms and stammers (Mamet 73). However, the actors that play the roles should be able to execute the script with all the idioms and the musical language effectively.
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Mamet, David. Glengarry Glen Ross: A Play. New York: S. French. 1983. Pp. 73. Read More
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