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Philo Farnsworth - Essay Example

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He was passionate about scientific experiments, and at the age of twelve-years, he created the first electric motor, and electric washing machine that nobody has ever owned…
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Philo Farnsworth
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"Philo Farnsworth"

Download file to see previous pages During that period, nobody including Farnsworth’s teacher had heard about television, which was primarily known as apiece of device that scanned pictures through a spinning disc with holes, then produced tiny, unstable images of what was scanned on the screen (Godfrey 272). Farnsworth’s father died two years after he joined Brigham Young University, and this forced him to take a public works job in Salt Lake City so as to support his family. This, however, did not stop him from pursuing his career dream, and one year later (1927), he demonstrated the first all-electronic television in San Francisco (Godfrey 274). This invention earned him more funding, and complicated competition of setting trends and standards in electronic industry.
Farnsworth won a patent for his all-electronic television in 1930. In the same year, Vladimir of RCA, inventor of a television that utilizes Cathode ray tube (1928), visited his laboratory and was amazed by Farnsworth’s technological advancements (Godfrey 275). This created a long term patent battle, which forced RCA pay Farnsworth $1 million for patent battle licenses for TV synchronizing, focusing, contrast, scanning and controls devises. Other than the all-electronic television, Farnsworth is also credited for inventing “cold” cathode ray tube, first electronic microscope, a baby incubator, and air traffic control device (Godfrey 275). Since 1950, his area of interest was nuclear fusion. He died of pneumonia in 1971 before completing his fusion project. By the time he died, he had won over 300 United States and foreign patents for electronic and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Philo Farnsworth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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