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Cancer is an abnormal production of the cells of an organism which are proliferated in an uncontrolled way and may spread from the site of their origin. The term cancer is commonly used to describe all types of malignant tumors. These may be the swellings of any tissue of the…
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Download file to see previous pages There are many different types of cancers originating in the human body owing to the different types of cells in the body. A few examples of cancers are skin cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Cancer is an abnormal multiplication of the cells which may originate in any cell of the human body owing to the lack regulatory processes and this pathological state can be treated by different treatment modalities (Kumar et al 2005).
Under the microscope, cancer cells reveal different structural characteristics because of which they can be differentiated from the normal cells of the body. They are pleomorphic in nature, which means that they have a tendency to have a variable size and shape which is not in accordance with the normal cells. The cancer cells have different size and different shapes. Most of the cancer cells have large nuclei in comparison to the surrounding normal tissue cells and the nuclei of the cancerous cells contain abnormal number of chromosomes, a condition known as aneuploidy. The aneuploidy may occur due to a mutation or deletion of a chromosome. The cell membrane of the cancer cells produces surface enzymes which have the ability to damage the basement membrane of tissues. This characteristic assists in the spread of the cancer from its site of origin to the surrounding non-cancerous cells and damages them as well. The cancer cells show increased rate of mitosis. Mitosis is the process of the reproduction of the new cells and hence the cancer increases in its size and crosses its boundaries to spread out of its confines. The cancer cells have differences in metabolism in comparison to normal cells. Their metabolism is more anaerobic and therefore they may even combat hypoxic conditions. The cancer cells have the propensity to spread from the primary cancer site from where the tumor begins to grow to the adjacent normal tissues. This phenomenon is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cancer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 5.
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...? Topic: cancer Introduction Cancer refers to condition whereby there is uncontrolled cell division. Cells divide uncontrollably affecting the adjacent cells. The affected cells form malignant tumors, which may not necessarily lead to cancer. Malignant tumor is divided into metastasis tumors and benign tumors. Cancer may spread to other body parts through blood or lymphatic system. Most abnormal cells and cancers are identified by the tissue from their normal cells originated, for example, lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Cancer can also be found in other living organisms man...
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...?Cancer Cancer cells differ greatly from normal healthy cells. While healthy cells stay where they are and only go to parts of the body where they are required, cancer cells completely ignore this rule and go wherever they please. In this way, they spread to various parts of the body, circulating the disease. Another way that healthy cells differ from cancer cells is that healthy white blood cells can detect damaged cells, such as viruses, and attack them, stopping them before they spread the virus to the rest of the body. Cancer cells, however, can pass through this system without being detected, which means that the immune system is not notified to...
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...?Cancer Thesis ment: Cancer is a painful, progressive disease with a high rate of mortality, when undetected and/or not administered the right chemotherapeutic agent(s). Keeping in mind its severity, the costs involved in therapy, and unpleasant adverse effects, it would beneficial to adapt to a healthy diet and get periodically evaluated for the common cancer biomarkers. Introduction: Cancer can be described as an uncontrolled multiplication of cells in a given organ or tissue. Normal cells follow a general pattern of division, which is termed as mitosis or meiosis. Due to environmental, chemical, or genetic factors, these cells begin to behave in an abnormal manner by...
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...Epidemiological Evidence Shows a Strong and Consistent Pattern Showing That Diets High in Vegetables and Fruits Decrease the Risks Of Many Cancers And Perhaps Cancer In General Introduction Twelve million people succumb every year to diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart infraction, and strokes, making them the most common causes of death. A breakthrough in Cellular Medicine gave scientists a solution to these epidemics. On the other hand, there has been an estimation of 80% deaths concentrated to industrialized countries that is attributed to cancer (malignant tumors) and coronary diseases, while infectious diseases and AIDS are the most common causes of deaths in developing countries....
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...Cancer, the Menace What is Caner? Cancer is a term used to refer to a of diseases or disorders with distinct characteristics not encountered inother illnesses. The development of abnormal cells that divide and spread throughout the human body, without any control, characterizes cancer. They infiltrate and destroy normal cells in the process. Cancer cells may spread to any part of the body. They either invade adjacent tissue or implant themselves into distant locations in a process called metastasis in which the cancer cells transport themselves through the blood or the lymphatic system. Cancer may affect people of all ages, but the chances of occurrence increases with age. Though it is found to affect people all over the world... , it is...
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...Cancer An uncontrolled differentiation of cells in the body is termed as cancer. These rapidly growing cells, also referred to as malignant cells, could occur in any organ or tissue in the body. The reasons for an organ developing cancer are varied, and could range from an over exposure to a certain carcinogen, to genetic factors, or to a constant physical irritant in the body. In many cases, alcoholism and tobacco abuse, in the long run have led to cancer. The most common variants of cancer are those of the liver, breast, colon, prostate and lung. Early detection helps design a better treatment regimen to battle this condition. A biopsy of the suspected...
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...Cancer: Informative Essay. The word cancer has its roots in the Greek words carcinos and carcinoma, used by Hippocrates (460-370 BC), the ‘Father of Medicine,’ to describe non-ulcer forming and ulcer-forming tumors. This was translated into the Latin word cancer by the Roman physician, Celsus (28-50 BC). Cancer has been a part of the human condition since recorded history. The earliest evidence of cancer is found among fossilized bone tumors, human mummies and manuscripts in ancient Egypt, dating to about 3000 B.C. The cause of cancer was variously attributed to the Gods, to imbalance in the humors, fermented lymph, blastema, chronic...
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