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Confusing Harder with Better by Alfie Kohn - Essay Example

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In the essay discussed that author Alfie Kohn states that the educational system consistently raises the bar for students to be more competitive. It is aiming to bring out the best out of the students however there are also quite a handful who are being left behind. …
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Confusing Harder with Better by Alfie Kohn
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Extract of sample "Confusing Harder with Better by Alfie Kohn"

Download file to see previous pages The paper throws light on the essay “Confusing Harder with Better” which expresses that the more schools commit themselves to improving performance on these tests, the more that meaningful opportunities to learn are sacrificed. He also said that there is an inverse relationship with high scores and the quality of the standards that the schools want to achieve. Though schools are aiming to be competitive with other schools, they are also aiming for their students to be competitive not just on the scholastic world but also when they step out of the academe and into the real world. Most of the students are now being educated through the book and by the book. There is a certain scare that one’s talent and creativity will be shadowed by the books. As the educational standards are being raised, there are points that are being shadowed and overlooked upon. There is nothing wrong with raising the standard of education especially when there are a lot of things the country is facing now which the students of today may answer in the future. All things should be done in moderation. Raise the standard of education moderately that the students still have the freedom to choose other activities where they can excel. It is not all about the books. A well-educated person knows how to apply what he have learned in the academe to his daily life. There are a lot of things beyond what are written in the books. Tests are not just in the school but also in real life. There are things in life that are not taught in schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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