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Name Professor Subject Date Opposing War on Iraq What is War? War is a situation where there is an armed conflict amongst different countries or different groups within a country. Wars first took place in history at the birth of civilization around 5,000 B.C, and it represented a form of brutality perpetrated by humankind…
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Argumentative Essay
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Download file to see previous pages All these literature of war has a wider arc that takes to depict causes and consequences of the battle. Similarly, much of the familiarity of war remains an individual business, a personal testing and an act of becoming. The poetry of the revolutionary war is likely to be arithmetic and sentimental. The outcome of this war on an individual has generated a body of work that rivals the literary response to combat itself. Subject to this matter, the inversion of war may well turn out to be the greatest strategic disaster to the American history. What motivates bloody contests between two rivals is a defense fought by a greedy power against an equally greedy attacker thus creating a war between them. In ancient days, war was made up of War world I and World War II. This chapter is going to review why America should not go to war with Iraq, historical event of the distant or recent past and the effects. In addition, the chapter will also discuss the outcome if a different procedure had been followed, and finding an approach that can solve the lingering effects. At the early American military history, it had a few activities of the armies and a clash of nations. It was identified as little war and it waged against many countries. The study of America military history began as an attempt to address wars under the low-intensity conflict. However, early Americans understood war as a tool to disrupt enemy troop, supply networks and gathering intelligence through scouting, ambushing and destroying enemy detachments. They also destroyed rival’s villages, field, assassinating them and intimidating enemies in the population. The American way of war established a model that most scholars used to clarify the American tradition. However, the first way of war became a preferred tool of conquest in America which united behind the war effort. This war also had a far reaching repercussion for the United States Navy (Grenier, Pg 113). The war made it compulsory for many people to transform their personal views of the globe around them. It also brought changes in how people viewed their country. Before the war, most Americans viewed the United States initially, not as a nation but union of states. However, given the demise of the main reasons for going to war and the subsequent unexpectedly high American casualty levels, it is impressive that support for the war in Iraq remained as high as it did. This may reflect the fact that numerous people still connect the effort campaign on war against terror, an enterprise that continues to enjoy huge support, as did World War II or the Cold War. In addition, the toppling of Saddam remains a singular accomplishment as noted earlier, that the American people had been spoiling for at least since 1990. Despite continual assertions to the contrary from all sides, a fair number of Americans continued to see a connection between Saddam and the events of 911 in September 2006, two-and-a- half years into the Iraq war, 38 percent still remained convinced that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the attacks (McNeese, 64). The guns of the America vessels outnumbered those of the enemies from the other countries, but it did not work for the country of Iraq. Saddam Hussein who usually posed threats to the United States of America, on the other hand, ruled Iraq hence the Americans saw the need for destroying Saddam’s regime and weakening the state of Iraq. However, the Americans by this means lost a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Argumentative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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