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The results of the US involvement in Iraq - Research Paper Example

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This was so because Iraq had earlier on made attempts to conquer its neighboring states and have control of the world’s biggest oil reserves. Having control over such oil reserves would have made Iraq…
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The results of the US involvement in Iraq
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Extract of sample "The results of the US involvement in Iraq"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, the US invasion on Iraq has been considered as one of the most momentous and controversial foreign policy decisions that have ever been made by the American government. Different scholars and political analysts of the world have been divided over the explanation of the American war on Iraq. With a group of them agreeing that it was necessary to maintain world peace by silencing Iraq while the other group finds it unnecessary and a war that had a different motive than just maintaining the world peace. Today, effects of American presence in this country and the impacts of the invasion are still evident. It would be observed that the leadership in Iraq was transformed from dictatorship to democracy a government where the Iraqi citizens had more influence on policies of the government.
Also, the presence of America in Middle East helped contain the major militant gangs of the world; Taliban and Al-Qaida; a great step towards uplifting the lives of the different citizens of Iraq and Middle East. But did this solve the Iraqi problem of leadership? Was the government established Democratic? Did this end terror in the region? Iraqi together with several other nations of Middle East today is perceived to be home to the most brutal and dangerous militia group in the world-ISIS. This brutal group has continued to violate the universality of the human rights as stipulated under the UN Human Right Convention of 1948. Now, do we blame America for going in Iraq or do we blame the extremists in Iraq? These are few of the questions that linger in the minds of many individuals today. The truth is that America has had a stake in what is happening in Iraq and the presence of America in Iraq is what has resulted to both the emergence of al-Maliki system of governance and the rise of militia groups in Iraq. This research paper seeks to establish the effects of America presence in Iraq and its influence on the emergence of al-Maliki governance and militia groups in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Results of the US Involvement in Iraq Research Paper.
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