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Daniel Gilbert, immune to realigious . Karen Armstron, Homo realigious. Jean Twenge, An army of one: me - Essay Example

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Twenge, Gilbert and Armstrong In accordance to the noble literatures by Twenge, Gilbert and Armstrong, it is always fundamental for a person to be conscious in order for them to know their true self effectively. Human beings are complex in nature, and their mind is made up of the conscious and the sub-conscious mind…
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Daniel Gilbert, immune to realigious . Karen Armstron, Homo realigious. Jean Twenge, An army of one: me
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"Daniel Gilbert, immune to realigious . Karen Armstron, Homo realigious. Jean Twenge, An army of one: me"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, these are the fundamental aspects that if a human being was able to comprehend them and control them, then they would finally be on their way to knowing and exploring their true self (Twenge, 2006). The conscious mind is in-charge of the day-to-day activities that a person undertakes including making decisions, having various perceptions towards something as well as controlling their feelings. The sub-conscious mind acts like a storage center where various thoughts and perceptions are stored and whatever is stored there comes to be revealed unconsciously by that person. It is therefore, integral for any person to always control what they come across in life since the mind acts similarly to a personal computer where by it acts on whatever input it is fed on. Thus, if the mind is fed with garbage, then the output will also be garbage, and this will eventually lead to diverse situations to such a person. It is worth noting that it is only when a person is fully conscious can they discover their true selves (Gilbert, 2006). After thorough comprehending, the three literatures by Twenge, Gilbert and Armstrong, there is a noble lesson to learn from the readings. The fundamental lesson is that a person should practice self-acceptance in order to be conscious of their true selves. A person should also know how to control their mind since it controls all the thoughts. It is worth noting that a person’s character and personality is always as a result of the multiple thoughts in the mind. How a person behaves and acts is always a reflection of what goes on in their mind. It is said that the human body is similar to a movie projector whereby the film that is running through that projector is a combination of that person’s feelings and thoughts from their mind. Thus, everything that is seen from a particular person is a projection within their inside. Thus, it is always paramount for a person to control their feelings and thoughts, which are emitted by the mind, and this is only achievable through being conscious of their true selves (Armstrong, 2011). A person can therefore, consciously improve their true self by being conscious of their thoughts, feelings and surrounds. One a person has achieved this level; they reach the point of self-acceptance. It is also worth noting that people do not always have to accept that person since people are different but with self-acceptance, they are able to tackle such challenges of rejection. Self-acceptance if the true self since a person can know his/her strengths and weakness, and they can therefore make informed decisions on what needs to be improved or eliminated in order for them to be what they would want to be. Life is a journey that is made up of the choices that a person makes along the way. Thus, if a person consciously allows negative stuff into their minds, then that person will always have a negative perception on everything no matter how pleasing it may try to be (Gilbert, 2006). Many noble readings by notable scholars have emphasize on the need for a person to be positive and this also affects the mind whereby they slowly begin to appreciate life in a positive manner regardless of the challenging situations they may be going through. Dedication, action and commitment to oneself and to others can be only achievable through consciously knowing the true self and being positive. Human beings are like magnets whereby they attract whatever their minds perceive. Thus, if a person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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