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The Bible: A Biography By Karen Armstrong - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay discusses Karen Armstrong who is one of the most challenging, unique intellectuals on the role of religion in today’s world. Her book The Spiral Staircase talks about her ensuing religious initiation after leaving the convent, when she started to expand her iconoclastic interest…
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The Bible: A Biography By Karen Armstrong
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"The Bible: A Biography By Karen Armstrong"

Download file to see previous pages Armstrong authored over 20 books revolving around the concepts of three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Her books, particularly the authoritative A History of God and Holy War: The Crusades and Their Impact on Today’s World, show how religions are affected by humankind experiences. Another book that ignited controversy is her latest book The Bible: A Biography. This book reflects her personal reflections on faith and religion, particularly her perception of fundamentalism as a consequence of modern society (“Karen Armstrong Profile,” n.d.).
The author’s devotion in The Bible: A Biography is obviously to call believers to connect with their holy book through prayers. She pleads and reminds all Jews and Christians that “Midrash and exegesis were always supposed to relate directly to the burning issues of the day, and the fundamentalists should not be the only people who attempt this.” Her entire book is veneration to the Bible as a live text, complete with channels of endless flexibilities and calls for continuous re-analysis and revision (Driller, 2008).
Through her impressive approach of making complex subjects more comprehensible, her book The Bible: A Biography successfully centered on the way Christians and Jews have used the Bible from the time of David’s empire to the present and how they connected with the books that have molded their community. Her passionate discussion that the constant implementation of the Bible to the lives and situations during that era makes it a “living Word,” a forceful exposure of God, encompasses all truth to her, being a daughter of a Seventh-day Adventist minister. She calls this private connection “present truth” (Driller, 2008).
Her book gives its readers a brief account of how the Old Testament was formed, highlighting the background in which the texts were created and the flexibility with which they were employed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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