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How Has Religion, in The Form of Discourses, Institutions, and Actors, Been Used in Support of and or against the Achievement of Gender Equity - Assignment Example

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This assignment describes religion and its role used in support of and or against the achievement of gender equity. It analyses its discourses, institutions, actors of achievement and background of this problem…
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How Has Religion, in The Form of Discourses, Institutions, and Actors, Been Used in Support of and or against the Achievement of Gender Equity
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Extract of sample "How Has Religion, in The Form of Discourses, Institutions, and Actors, Been Used in Support of and or against the Achievement of Gender Equity"

Download file to see previous pages For a long period of time, women have been classified under major monotheistic faiths, unlike men who have always controlled religious hierarchies hence solely making decisions on what to do. The exclusion of women greatly vary based on faith, it is mostly determined by a combination of religious and extra-religious factors, which include culture, geography, and history. Even though women are being ordained as priests in certain Christian denominations currently, most religions still restrict women from accessing power. Karen Armstrong was a nun and is actively involved in advocating and promoting better positions for women. Apart from being the author of A HISTORY OF GOD, she has also written a biography about Buddha and valued volume concerning Islam. According to her, tradition greatest fault arises when women are belittled. She insists that the fault comprises of a great wound which has its way into the religion resulting in the damage and defilement of traditions reliability. She further suggests that the worst part in women oppression is where women take their own ratings. Karen Armstrong compares women to the people living in the developing countries who have been colonized and assume defamation done to them by race colonists.
According to Nye (2008), religion is a belief in the existence of a god who decides the fate of someone. Religion is more than going to church or mosque, engaging in ritual practices, having faith or reading sacred texts. Religion can influence social development positively or negatively. It provides a primary force for social progress. This is possible because religion has universal principles such as tolerance, love, sacrifice, trust, honesty, and dedication. The principles lead to the unity of purpose and social progress among people sharing the same values. However, some religions have been a source of social disintegration, hatred, intolerance, gender discrimination poverty, and oppression. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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