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Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Achilles Heel Metaphor Metaphors apply in many instances in language to represent certain ideas in life, and they are traditionally part of the figurative language alongside similes, whose metaphorical interpretation yields further meanings beyond the obvious outer meanings implied…
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Metaphor essay
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, conceptual metaphors, whose metaphorical interpretation represents universally accepted or shared knowledge and notions, can be found in diverse languages across the world (Lv & Zhang 355); generally, diverse languages will have similar conceptual metaphors about same ideas such as for happiness, time, and purpose, among other things. Metaphors from all over the world share a number of commonalities, which technically comprise universality in metaphorical thought; for instance, metaphors are not only conceptual and linguistic, they are also neural, bodily, and social. That not notwithstanding, metaphors also vary along two main domains, both the cross-cultural domain and within-culture domain, which includes the social; regional, and ethnic domains, among others. Perhaps one of the most universally recognized metaphor is the Achilles heel metaphor, whose metaphorical representation can be found in almost all areas of life and in all cultures of the world, from the west to the east, up further to the north and south. The Achilles heel metaphor has a profound history, with origins in the Greek mythology and literature in the classical period, and a wide application up to date, as a figurative expression symbolizing vulnerability of any kind, within an individual, a system, or anything else. The Achilles heel of a person is their greatest weakness or vulnerability through which they can easily be destroyed or brought down to obsoleteness; this metaphor alludes to the famous Greek warrior Achilles who was known for his overwhelming intelligence and impeccable strength in the Trojan War. Achilles, whose name was derived from the Greek Achilleus was indestructible and nearly immortal, except that his only weakness was in the heel and because of this ancient history, the expression Achilles heel or heel of Achilles took on the meaning of vulnerability. Achilles heel is perhaps one of the most common metaphors in modern English due to its universal acceptance and application as a metaphor for vulnerability; this metaphor has a much deeper interpretation that implies the strong losing guard. In that case, the heel has been chosen deliberately and carefully especially because, apart from being the farthest point from a man’s senses, it is also the strong tendon adjoining the muscles in the calf of the leg to the bone that supports the heel. In that case, it is easy for one to overlook their heels, or to be reckless in guarding their heels because they are located furthest in the body, yet they are the most painful part of the body due to numerous nerve endings; consequently, the heel, despite being a strong tendon, is actually a weakness. The location of the heel at the extreme end of a man’s senses implies that it is a natural physical blind spot that can easily be overlooked, and it corresponds to a psychological blind spot that every person will have in the form of a deadly weakness that is part of his/her nature. It is usual for a person to have a chief weakness that defines his psychology, which primarily they cannot see because it is hidden from them, thus, they become heedless to it and even denying its existence despite it being common knowledge among other people. This metaphor has a great significance because it highlights the need for people to know their psychological weaknesses, though, few people can master the courage to conduct any due diligence about their internal dispositions impartially. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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