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The Sheald of achilles - Assignment Example

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It was extensively described in one of the passages of the book entitled Iliad penned by famous author Homer. The description was that Achilles had lost his armour during the battle…
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The Sheald of achilles
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Extract of sample "The Sheald of achilles"

The Sheald of Achilles INTRODUCTION The Shield of Achilles is a particular shield, which used by Achilles while fighting with Hector. It was extensively described in one of the passages of the book entitled Iliad penned by famous author Homer. The description was that Achilles had lost his armour during the battle and later, Hephaestus provided the shield to Achilles, as a replacement of his armour in order to win the battle (Prezgonzlez 150-162).
The story presented by Homer in his work depicts that a fleet runner named Antilochus sent a messenger to Achilles who was among the bravest despite of the fall of Myrmidons against the Trojans during the war. In this context, after hearing the news of the death of Patroclus, Achilles broke into grief. Others including his mother also cried out loud after hearing the death of Patroclus against the Trojans in the war. Achilles’s armour was also unable to save the life of Patroclus. The entire kingdom turned into sorrow. After a certain time period, Achilles and others left the cave and thus headed towards Myrmidons wherein the tents were placed (Prezgonzlez 150-162).
After reaching Myrmidons, Achilles shouted and spoke in anger and stated that Patroclus was more important and dear to him than any other. In this similar context, he stated that Hector will need to pay for killing his son Menoetius. By considering this fact, Thetis answered that the armour of Achilles is with Hector who bears upon his shoulder. Thus, Achilles’s mother decided to visit the workman of Vulcan and shall ask for splendid armour for his son. On the other hand, the Achaeans were in the verge to punish the murderous Hector. Later Iris, the god royal spouse of Jove irked Achilles about the death of Patroclus. However, in this particular circumstance, Achilles answered that he has no armour without which he could not fight against Hector (Prezgonzlez 150-162).
Iris influenced Achilles to visit the battle ground bare handed without his armour so that his Achaeans could get some relief. Achilles led his comrades against the Trojans in the subsequent period. Hector warned to go back to the city since he thinks himself to be stronger than Achilles. Achilles’ mother begged at the knees of Vulcan to provide his son a shield helmet that can be worn by a true comrade. In this regard, Vulcan answered that he will provide a shield to Achilles, which will be great and strong. The shield was indeed made with five thicknesses and a helmet was also made, which was closed with the brow of Achilles. Moreover, apart from these, Breastplate was also developed with the armour that was considered by many to be brighter than that of fire (Prezgonzlez 150-162).
From the above and analysis, it can be concluded that historically, the Shield of Achilles has a great importance owing to the aspect that it was especially made by the God of Olympus for him to fight in opposition to Hector. It is worth mentioning that the Shield of Achilles was deemed to be quite special owing to certain features that entailed its massive strength, rigidity as well as design.
Work Cited
Prezgonzlez, J. D. The Iliad of Homer by Samuel Butler (Knowledge Management Edition). US:, 2005. Print. Read More
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