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Brght-sided : HowPositive Thinkg Is Undermining America - Research Paper Example

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Professor Name: Subject Name: Date: Positive Thinking and Quantum Physics Introduction The link between positive thinking and quantum physics is an issue debated for a long time. While the preachers of positive thinking always claim it is scientific by linking it to quantum theory, the critics of positive thinking argue no solid study had ever proved it…
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Brght-sided : HowPositive Thinkg Is Undermining America
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"Brght-sided : HowPositive Thinkg Is Undermining America"

Download file to see previous pages Quantum Physics and Positive Thinking Mind power experts relate positive thinking and quantum physics through energy vibrations. Just like electricity and biometric readings given out by our body, every thought of us give out a vibration. Quantum physics reveals every vibration attracts something in our life. Positive vibration attracts positive experiences and vice versa (Kehoe, n.p.). Every object in the world lets out a certain kind of vibration and if our vibration matches with the same, the attracted object automatically comes to us. The origin of the universe can be understood by reading the basic laws of physics. Human life and the subconscious mind's potentials can also be understood in a similar way by reading the laws of physics. The unwavering energy of the universe can be felt by meditating through the third “Mandala” or “Chakra” in our body (Bader, 70). The philosophy of quantum physics first started to become a core object of concern in 1927 when Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen is known together as EPR suggested quantum mechanics was actually incomplete. Their claim paved way for the Bell's theorem and the theory of local realism (Fine, n.p.). John Bell was the first person to develop a practical way to test the behaviour of the quantum particles. Though Bell's works were claimed as "the most profound discovery of science" by Henry Strapp and other noted scientist, Bell did not prove anything through laboratory experiments. His views and ideas were completely theoretical. Bill analyzed the photon movements of entangled electrons in a spin. Noted physics like John Clauser and Alain Aspect did various experiments based on the Bell’s theorem and proved his theory was right. Alain Aspect was the first person to actually prove physically that the movements of photons and electrons responsible for one event can influence or trigger another event even though there is not an obvious connection between the two quantum events and they are situated in various locations. The mind power experts put this theory in a very simple way. Think positively and the vibrations created by your thought will attract everything positive into your life. While the claim is simple, there is no solid proof that positive thinking can actually be used to make every thought process come true. Alain Aspect’s experiments itself were contemplated heavily as it has several loopholes. First, the influence of the vibrations caused by one quantum event on another is very random and unpredictable (Aspect, 867). Theories like the local hidden variable theory simply claim there isn’t any truth in this continuation of the events as there might be other hidden electrons or photons that are connected and left unexplored. The origin of mind power and positive thinking started to appear as early as 1937, when the book “Think and grow rich” was published by Napoleon Hill. Alain Aspect was able to provide proof of the theory only in the 1960’s. Though the mind power experts might argue science was slow in giving solid proof, they have to accept, only a small portion of their thought process comes true. This random occurrence of visualization coming true can be a mere co-incidence. If a person had the power to actually make every thought occurring in his mind true, then the world would be a chaos as the human mind tends to think more negatively than positively. The book ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Brght-Sided : HowPositive Thinkg Is Undermining America Research Paper)
Brght-Sided : HowPositive Thinkg Is Undermining America Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/english/1480713-brght-sided-howpositive-thinkg-is-undermining.
“Brght-Sided : HowPositive Thinkg Is Undermining America Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1480713-brght-sided-howpositive-thinkg-is-undermining.
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