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Human Belief System - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Human Belief System The system belief of a human being is the total learning and experience in his life filtered with personal personalities, which conceived within a person. It was found that they are not solicited where the human being tends to defend it with strength and also impose to others who do not have the same knowledge…
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Human Belief System
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"Human Belief System"

Download file to see previous pages Bruce focuses on the new biology known as epigenetic, which shows how the energy and consciousness are critical in changing life on earth as DNA and chemistry (Lipton 69). He brings his clarity, insight and humor unveiling how we perceive things including: 1. How thought and emotion controls the character of every cell. 2. Quantum physics and life 3. Cooperation and evolution and these are supported by following quote In fact, only five percent of cancer and heart suffering patients can associate their disease suffering to being passed on from parents to siblings. While the mediums of communication made a big excitement upon the discovery of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer genes, they failed to criticize critically that 95% of breast tumor are not caused by genetic material passed on parents to siblings. The tendency of a medical condition in a significant number of cancer patients is derived from environmentally leads to epigenetic alterations and not intercepted DNA." (Lipton, pg 72) Among the refuters of Lipton ideas is the selfish gene which is a book on evolution which builds its principal on adaptation and natural selection theory. The name expresses the gene view of evolution where it follows that two or more individuals are genetically related and that makes them behave selflessly with each other. The selfish gene concept is proficient at explaining many forms of altruism. An organism is expected to evolve so as to maximize its inclusive fitness thus a number of its copies are passed on globally, this make the population to evolve toward evolutionary stable strategy. He proposes the idea of initial molecule that multiplied itself and survived over the other genes. Gene combination helps an organism to survive and to reproduce thus improving genes own chances of being inherited. As a result, those that succeed will be beneficial to the organism. Genes can reproduce each other at the expense of the organism, and thus power struggle is limited. (Dawkin, 112) Explains that the selfish gene can be subtle gene, and its world revolves on savage competition, ruthless exploitation and deceit. The act of apparent altruism does not exist in nature he explain how a bee will sting and die to protect the hive and birds risks their life to warn the flock of an approaching hawk thus providing an explanation that it’s the selection that favors gene that promotes cooperation among them (P.30). This happened to the point that communal nature of a colonyidentical genesis for all intents and purposes unrecognizable. This theory of selective genes is similar to the theory of evolution According to the Charles Darwin he held an opinion that life is similar. Therefore, there are descendants who originate from a common ancestor have the same characteristics and thus presumes that development of life is purely natural and modified with descent. He explains the concept of natural selection where it seeks to preserve and accumulate minor and advantageous genetic mutation (Charles 162). A good demonstration is where an individual inherits a negative gene, and in turn passes on to his or her descendants these inferior members of the same group will be disadvantageous and thus will be outlived by the superior ones who exhibit positive genes as inherited by them. Therefore from the above it shows that this theory refutes Lipton since cell control the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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