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Perspectives on the Relationship between Dolphins and Humans - Essay Example

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Dolphins are beautiful sea dwelling creatures that have shown compassion and open-hearted acceptance of human beings while revealing a deeper intelligence and emotional scale than many other animals. …
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Perspectives on the Relationship between Dolphins and Humans
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Extract of sample "Perspectives on the Relationship between Dolphins and Humans"

Download file to see previous pages Dolphins are viewed as allies to human beings, their actions seemingly non-threatening and their motivations appearing to be intent on being helpful. However, it is unclear that the alliance that dolphins feel towards human beings is adequately shown in reciprocation towards the dolphins. The following study will provide a framework for studying the perceptions that humans have in regard to their relationships with dolphins.
Because of their high intelligence there is some speculation that they should be considered ‘persons’. White defines ‘human’ as a scientific classification with ‘person’ being a philosophical concept that can easily be transferred onto the dolphin species. The primary reasons to consider dolphins as ‘persons’ is for the purpose of giving them rights. White continues to describe the philosophical foundation for considering dolphins ‘persons’ through the fact of their high intelligence and in that because of this intelligence, they should have the benefit of rights. The problem in ascribing rights to another species is that it would conflict with the human belief that they are the center of the world and the creation of that world. Humans believe that all things within the world are there for the benefit of human kind. White states that “the existence of nonhuman persons would fly in the face of everything our species has believed about its uniqueness for thousands of years”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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