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IP Internetworking - Assignment Example

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Initially, it was solely located in San Francisco. XUM is made up of four departments inclusive of sales, finance, human resources and research and development. This…
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IP Internetworking Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages It also concerns with ensuring that the wide area network at Houston is in a position of accommodating the traffic in the entire network. Whereas using static addresses has its advantages, the biggest downside is high administrative demands even when minor changes occur in the network. To cater for this, the new phase will use dynamic addressing system so that the hosts acquire Internet protocol automatically. As a result, this lowers the administrative overhead. The virtual local area network is from the departments available in XUM. Consequently, the VLANs are sales vlan2, finance vlan3, human resources vlan4, research and development vlan5, default vlan1 and management vlan6.
The creation of the VLAN at XUM results from the departments available. Therefore, there are four data VLANs namely sales VLAN2, finance VLAN3, human resource VLAN4, Research, and development VLAN5. In addition, a native VLAN is the default VLAN1.
Furthermore, there is a management VLAN VLAN6 that gets IP addresses to enable the management to manage the switch. It has been possible with remote control tools that allow management to ssh or telnet the switch through the management VLAN. To allow for communication of personal computers on similar VLANs but separated by a switch or a number of switches, a trunk link now exists between the switches. The manager sets the range of virtual local area networks that can communicate via the trunk link (Ahmad, 2002). Trunking is the best method. It was in comparison to creating physical relationships of various VLANs among the switches. In this case, between one switch and another there would have been six links, which would have wasted twelve ports. Further, it means that each of the individual links has different port numbers that make their management extremely difficult in case the network expands to accommodate twice or more the number of VLANS already existing.
Use of dynamic trunking protocol has enabled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IP Internetworking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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