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The technological advancements that have changed human lives - Essay Example

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The continued technological advancements have changed human lives in variant ways. Indeed, technology is evolving humans and the society has new ways of doing things where they rely on machines and external brains from technological gadgets to articulate their duties. …
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The technological advancements that have changed human lives
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The technological advancements that have changed human lives

Download file to see previous pages... The innovation of computers and cellphones changed our mode of communication, accuracy, efficiency, and speed of doing things. This has led to complex interactions between humans and machines, which changes our values and culture. As such, there are questions regarding the long-term effects of technology and the possibility of technology conquering us. In this context, there are two concepts of technology, which include Wilbur Mercer and Buster Friendly. This paper will give a detailed answer as to whether I am Wilbur Mercer or Buster Friendly and, more importantly if it matters who I am. In doing this, the paper will rely on evidence from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Dick, Phillip K and a video presentation by Amber Case entitled “We’re All Cyborgs Now” among other scholarly sources. Wilbur Mercer symbolizes Mercerism that is a technology product, which defines a religion created by emotional connections by people from everywhere. It also encourages interactions with other humans with a view of sharing the suffering and teaches its members to treat their neighbors the way they would want to be treated (Landsberg 38). On the other hand, Buster Friendly is a technology product that depicts a media personality that derives an alternate media reality and offers entertainment on Earth (Sims 132). Seemingly, the show seeks to convince people that what has been happening lately is fine and normal and claims that Mercerism is a false religion (Rossi 262). There are various critics and praises for in Wilbur Mercer or Buster Friendly in the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Notably, the two compete for humans' attention and the resultant control of humans' thoughts. This manifests the strength of technology on humans to their oblivion. Personally, I chose to be Wilbur Mercer. It is quite clear that the modern society values religion as one of the fundamental aspects of human life. Ideally, religion derives spiritual teachings and morals that control actions and dominate our personal thoughts and decision-making in our daily lives. As such, the use of religion in the novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” is very significant and I support it. Indeed, in this novel, Dick portrays a wide range of religious analogies and references and manifests how humans rely on religion in times of isolation, war, distress, destruction, and instability. Actually, Dick confirms that Mercerism that in the novel acts as the people’s religion is fundamental in deriving hope and unity among human beings in times of dire need. Dick devised his story to reflect human life in 2021 where there was nuclear war fought by rockets and the effects of the nuclear fallout and radioactive dust that plagued the Earth (Dick 4). This created a sense of dire need and desperation. Dick portrays the plagued Earth as an uninhabitable place after the human beings engineered its destruction (Dick 16-17). However, he shows some inhabitants who remained and suffered on Earth due to the harsh and isolated conditions they lived in. Most assuredly, this a destitute condition where there are very few people surviving and hence the need for Mercerism. Notably, Dick displays Mercerism as a mass religion criticized by many people at his time (Dick 20-27). This would indeed reflect a religion like Christianity, which is facing critics among scientists. Indeed, Wilbur Mercer would represent Jesus Christ in this context. In addition, just like people interpreted religion before the scientific evolution, Dick portrays people interpreting Mercerism literally in the novel. Mercerism has far-reaching benefits in that it encourages people to care for other people’s feelings and to share in their suffering. It asserts that if you hurt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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