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Tears of men and women - Essay Example

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Name of the Student English Name of the Concerned Professor 1 May 2013 Tears of Men and Women God created Adam and Eve and some experts are of the opinion that perhaps Adam and Eve did not much differ in their emotional framework as they had not gone through the rigors of evolution and social development as their future generations (Zmarzly 1)…
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Tears of men and women
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"Tears of men and women"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the tasks associated by varied cultures to the two different sexes relate a lot to their emotional mindset. The women mostly take care of children while the men earn and take care of the material and social needs of the family. Also, under the situations marked by emotional distress, women are more capable of being obvious with their tears while the men remain emotionally restraint. Yet, in the light of the available facts, tears do enable a person to give vent to pent up emotions and the hesitation on the part of men to be forthcoming with tears could give way to many health, psychological and social problems in them (Hales 1). Hence, the modern men need to be more sensitive and must be willing to come out with tears, if the need be. Being scarcely conversant with how men deal with emotions in other cultures, the views expressed by me are qualified by the norms and expectations of the culture in which I was born. Crying is perhaps the truest expression of human emotions as it allows a person to express one’s emotions. For instance, even young children who cannot speak do tend to communicate with their parents through crying. People tend to shed tears both when they are sad and when they are very happy. For instance the death of a loved one could undeniably lead one to tears. I distinctly remember that I wept when my son was born. This is because my wife was suffering from serious gynecological problems at that time and the doctors had warned her against conceiving as she had already miscarried twice. The point that I am trying to make is that crying tends to be extempore amongst both the sexes when they suddenly comes across sad or elating situation. However, things are not as simple. In a social context, most of the human traditions and practices do tend to regiment the expression of tears amongst men and women, which places men in psychologically difficult situations, hampering them from the natural expression of their emotions (Mens Line Australia 1). Perhaps, men hesitate from shedding tears has a lot to do with the weak status of the women in different societies. There is no denying the fact that both men and women are looking for love, affection and understanding in their life. Yet, women are more forthcoming with emotions as compared to men. It is also true that women are more prone to emotional, financial and sexual exploitation, at least in a visible context. Even men who become victims of exploitation in intimate relationships prefer to hide their dilemma. Hence, the more obvious exploitation of women in many societies makes men think that shedding tears is a mark of weakness and if they are more outright with their emotions, it will make them more vulnerable and will make them appear weak. This factor also amply inhibits men from expressing emotions. Many experts tend to hold that mentally women happen to be wired differently as compared to men (Lloyd 1). The mental anatomy of women makes it easier for them to give vent to their emotions by crying (Lloyd 2). In contrast the approach of men towards distressing and challenging situations tends to be different. Men approach emotional issues and situations in a more logical and restrained manner (Lloyd 2). However, this development of disparate mental circuitry in women and men over the evolutionary progress has in a way placed the women in a situation of advantage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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