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Encouraging Mandatory Labeling: Requiring Transparency GMO Industry - Essay Example


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Encouraging Mandatory Labeling: Requiring Transparency GMO Industry

Have you ever looked at the packaging labels for the foods that you eat? There are dozens of ingredients that are 12 syllables long and sound more like they belong in a “mad scientist’s” laboratory. Many people today are much more conscious about the foods they buy and what they put in their bodies. However, it is not just the unusual chemical ingredients people are worried about today. Sometimes it is the ingredients that seem the most likely to be “all natural,” are not, necessarily. The field of biotechnologies has allowed for the genetic engineering and genetic modifications to the ingredients of the foods we eat or the foods themselves. These products are quite common, yet you might not recognize them since there are no immediate regulations that require distributors, wholesalers, or retailers to label these products. Consumers are becoming more and more insistent that they be notified of exactly what they are eating and how they are made. Many feel that the. potential. safety and necessity to inform the public are being traded by big GMO productions companies that worry only about, potential, losses in profits. For more that a decade the majority of processed foods in the United States include ingredients containing genetic material derived from plants whose DNA has undergone laboratory manipulation. The most common genetically altered crops in the United States include soybeans, corn, cotton, and canola. ...
They, also, feel that the scientists, biotechnological farms, and the big

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Consumers are becoming more and more insistent are being an involved and active participant in the foods that they eat. They want clear notification and accountability for these products. Despite an outpouring of “pro-labeling” sentiments there is no legislation in the United States requiring distributors, wholesalers, or retailers to properly label these products.
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businesses that profit from them do not want to be forced to label such products. In their eyes they are putting profit before public awareness and, potentially, public safety. This public concern is not strictly an American phenomenon. Consumers prefer to be informed. Twenty-one countries have already implemented mandatory labeling requirements; so one might ask, why should the United States be any different? Consumers have a right to know through clearly marked packaging, to make informed choices about the ingredients being mentioned, and understand what exactly they put into their bodies.(Byrne, 2013) They should not be forced to consume something that they consciously do not want to consume; it is as simple as that. Opposition to labeling appears to have less to do with keeping secrets from the consumers and more to do with the side effects that mass mandatory labeled to alert the consumers that there is a negative element to consuming it. For example, cigarettes are labeled because of the health conditions they can contribute to. GMO companies fear that labeling will automatically translate to consumers as, “eat at your own risk.” That said, they feel that labeling will be sending the wrong message about GMO food products. GMO representatives, also, defend all of the positive aspects that GMO goods have allowed. Scientists have been able to develop plants that need far less water than before, produce less carbon dioxide into the environment, and can grow in extremely harsh environments where it has previously been difficult to get such plant life to grow. They have found the means to produce cheaper food that can be produced in
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Have you ever looked at the packaging labels for the foods that you eat? There are dozens of ingredients that are 12 syllables long and sound more like they belong in a “mad scientist’s” laboratory…
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Encouraging Mandatory Labeling: Requiring Transparency GMO Industry
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