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Major paper: Making a complex claim - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The modern equivalent of the Panopticon Panopticon is a social theory that employs the use of external surveillance to control human behavior. The proposal came as a model prison by the famous Jeremy Bentham in 1748 and 1832 (Vetter 33)…
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Major paper: Making a complex claim
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"Major paper: Making a complex claim"

Download file to see previous pages This type of control mechanism could only operate effectively if set within a radial configuration (Vetter 64). The basis of panocticon was to control the behavior and mental proposition of the prisoners. This proved to be a crucial instrument of discipline as it worked it maintaining almost near perfect behavior upon the prisoner. It also brought the feel of the unseen security, where everyone knew he risked being caught in wrong. In today’s world, panocticon has seen its essence still remain relevant despite the modification it has evolved into being (Vetter 90). The advancements in technology has today come as the modern today panocticon. Technology, just as other innovation and researches that came for the benefit humanity but seriously turned ruinous, has a far way to apply extensively in control of human nature and his maneuvers. Unlike panopticon, which would work in control of the specified location, technology has its effectiveness even to village level (Vetter 69). For example, one would wonder the how machines like cell phones, computers, ipods, trackers, and CCTV cameras can control human movement. Just like the French philosopher, Michel Foucult described the implications of aim of using Panopticism as intent to instill discipline and morality among the inmates, technology innovation have taken the world by surprise through the supernatural things they can perform. First, internet and social networks via cables have for real exercised a homogenous effect of power. Who could have thought that a social site, which was innovated to make easy the work of humanity, could as well translate elsewhere any mischievous type made? It is everyone’s common knowledge today, in a world filled with extremists and evil thoughts that whatever one does to endanger or flier inciting information, that one stands under scrutiny. Technology has brought what Michel considers as affected consciousness. Like Panopticon, internet cables effect are simple but create a constant sense or awareness of being under surveillance. Having created the mental inclination of visibility and internet devolving even to the village level has brought the world in the thesis of Panopticism. As Michel put it out, the object under surveillance in Panopticism remains always to be the subject of information and never will it grow to be the object of communication (Vetter 164). Thus, technology through internet has developed an anonymous power, which to some extent does not need to control by someone but information can well be assembled and accessed from one point. As panopticon was the central zone in a watchtower that gave information and behavior of the human under control, the world today lives in similar condition (Vetter 80). For example, in my area of locality, if my access to face book or twitter amount to an incitement and jeopardize the security of my country, then without location of my immediate context, the cables and networks would locate my position. My instinct would definitely restrain my conscious form doing such a thing, because it obvious that the information is traced somewhere else. This control of power covertly is what Michel Foucault conceptualized all long. The world population us been put under surveillance and this amounts to almost a total control of its behavior just like the panoptic design. As equaling to the inmates in Michel situation, the danger of plot stand minimized, the planning of new crimes are tamed as well as bad reciprocal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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