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Irshad Ahmad Order # 736914 Academia-Reseach.Com October 25, 2012 Panopticon. The world of today is encountering the challenges of hazardous problems almost engulfing its peace, stability, charm, serenity and tranquility. This is the reason why, despite the fact that facilities are over-numbered, the luxuries superfluous, the money redundant, the satisfaction and peace of mind is out of reach…
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A state of emergency is declared, all the state officials are assigned duties and the victims are excluded from the whole society. They are not allowed to get into connection with any other ‘normal’ person, they being the ‘abnormal’. Measures are taken and data regarding the epidemic, the normal and abnormal is maintained. The victims are kept in separate barracks and they are given the ration after ensuring that connection with them is avoidable. The State officials who did not pay full attention to the commands of the higher authorities are made examples of. Such is the scope of Power which was felt round the corners of the town and the Plague was thus encountered successfully. Bentham’s Panopticon is a machine devised on the same principles. Bentham shaped this philosophy by giving an architectural shape to it. It was an annular building with a tower at its centre. The tower was pierced with windows opening to the inner side of the ring. Round the whole of the building, it was divided into cells. The cells had two windows; on the inside and the outside so that light could travel across easily. A Supervisor was then placed in the central tower. Then different kinds of humans were kept shut-up in the cells. These were a mad man, a school-boy, a patient, a worker etc. The machine or building was designed so technically that the backlighting allowed only the observer to see all of them and their behaviors under some circumstances while those shut-up in the cells were not able to see the observer. The building thus presented a complete laboratory for observing human nature, behavior, action and reaction under particular circumstances. The purpose of the ‘Panopticon’ is to inject in the inmates of the Panopticon, a sense of surety that they are always under inspection. It makes them conscious of the fact that they are ever visible with their words and deeds and all this assures the smooth functioning of the phenomenon of ‘Power’ (Bentham, p138). So the functioning of ‘Power’ can be ensured only if there is a quality check without discrimination and with sincerity and justice. ‘Panopticon’ thus presents the structure of a new set of political ideas incorporated in a new system. Its ‘cage cells’, the inmates, the observers and its powerful and high ‘towers’, which are knowing each and everything about the inmates and their actions, the impartial and speedy observance of justice…. These are all the requisites of that particular political system. This is the revolution Foucault foresees in the machine designed by Bentham. Foucault here turns the direction of his meditation to a social issue. He views with doubt the ways and procedures been adopted at for different institutions. Foucault is of the view that the phenomenon of ‘Panopticon’ is applicable to all the institutions, special of which are ‘schools’ who create the future of a nation, ‘factories’ who generate revenue for the nation, ‘hospitals’ which save and safeguard the life of the nation and ‘prisons’ which help in eradicating the crimes from inside and against a nation. He philosophically stresses that the observance of ‘Power’ in the institutes is assured. He answers to a query of mind that the ‘Observance’ in ‘Panopticon’ needs be brought under the limits so that the democratic Read More
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Name Course Course instructor Date Panopticism Power and discipline has really been depicted in “Panopticism”. Measures taken to control the plague have been categorically displayed in the book. Quarantine and separation were some of the control used during that particular time and Foucault describes “Panopticon’ as a tower with that had vision to almost every cell that was meant for all prisoners.
4 Pages(1000 words)Essay
Major paper: Making a complex claim
The panopticon, whose tag name was all seeing, functioned as an all day surveillance gadget. In the legal chambers and the areas it applied, especially in prisons, it meant that no prisoner could ever detect or see the inspector, who performed the surveillance specifically form a central location.
6 Pages(1500 words)Essay
On Agency
According to Foucault, agency is the ability of an individual not to follow rules; the ability to push back against power. Foucault is the author of “Panopticon” and he uses this book to illustrate the manner in which power inhibits agency. The fact that society is always watching means that the decisions of an individual are to some extent pre-determined.
4 Pages(1000 words)Essay
Modern variations of the Panopticon
This paper further asserts that the dynamics can be unique, even as they follow the fundamental outlines of the panopticon interactions, as Foucault presented them. Foucault’s panopticism brilliantly expounds on the dynamics of the panopticon and how the panopticon opens up the possibilities of controlling the behavior of the observed through the panopticon arrangement whereby the rules of behavior are laid out by the observer, with consequences for violating the rules.
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Modern variations of the Panopticon
The idea of Foucault’s panopticon brilliantly expounds on the dynamics of the panopticon and how it opens up the possibilities of controlling the behavior of the observed. This is through the panopticon arrangement whereby the observer lays out rules of
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Michel Foucault. Panopticism
Bentham’s Panopticon is used as the foundational element of Foucault’s vision: designed as an annular building with the tower at its centre, the Panopticon is pierced with wide windows and divided into large cells (Foucault). The latter extend the width of
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
The tower is always visible to the prisoners but they cannot fathom which specific spot they are being watched from (Michel 201). Foucault brings out the aspect of Agency as explains how the panopticon
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
This is something we must be constantly aware of, especially as changes to our society including pervasive cameras and the internet could allow these a panopticon to develop without our even realizing it (Bringall, 2002).
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How does your site compare to the Panopticon
itional design, it only keeps the first function of enclosing and abandon depriving of light and hiding the place (Foucault 200).the structure system allows the guards who are in the watchtower to watch the prisoner easily with the prisoners not being able to realize that they
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
The panopticon is crucial though in monitoring the behavior of the inmates at all times because they do not know when they are being watched. This invention was made by Jeremy Bentham, who was an English philosopher and also a social theorist. The design of a
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