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How does your site compare to the Panopticon - Essay Example

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Panopticon prison is circular, and the cells are open to the center so that the guards could see the prisoners from the tower located at the center (Chopra and Ankita 39). This was a drastic change from the traditional design of a prison because of the three functions of the…
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How does your site compare to the Panopticon
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"How does your site compare to the Panopticon"

Download file to see previous pages According to Bentham, this structure makes the prisoners behave since they know they can be watched anytime. In an article, Discipline and Punish, Foucault addresses that the panopticon is something more than prisons which can be applied to other structures (Rabiger 33). He thinks that elements of the panopticon are observed in many aspects of our life. He relates a panoptican to an office. The two structures are related with some similarities. The office environment is designed such that it can be able to control the behavior of an individual. There are elements that makes the office similar to a panoptican with the main being that both the structures are able to monitor and change the behavior of an individual. There are several elements that are designed in an office that enables it to watch an individual’s behavior.
            The office is mainly build for administrative purposes. The structure is also built to discuss works and create as much as profits for firms. In this office, workers, which could be seemed as prisoners in panopticon, should be effectively utilized to maximize the profits. To achieve the goals and objectives of an organization, an office is designed to fully utilize workers during their working time (Chopra and Ankita 64). A panopticon is also designed to effectively control criminals with this utilitarian belief. It is built to isolates criminals from the society with minimized cost. Minimizing the cost in controlling the criminals benefiting whole society. The similarity of the structures come where both are built to control the activities of those in them with the aim of minimizing cost resulting to benefit.
The partitioned structure of an office controls the employees more (Rabiger 50). Every workers who are designed to process works, rather than people who are in position allowed to voluntarily decide their works, are put into partition. This partitioned structure of office allows only a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Your Site Compare to the Panopticon Essay.
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