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Title: Technological developments over the past 30 years have had only positive effects on people's health - Essay Example

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Bashayer aldosari Esuse3 First draft Effects of technological advancements on people’s health in the last 30 years Introduction Technological development has played a crucial role in improving people’s lives and health. The medical field accounts the most benefits from these technological developments…
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Title: Technological developments over the past 30 years have had only positive effects on peoples health
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"Title: Technological developments over the past 30 years have had only positive effects on people's health"

Download file to see previous pages It was not until scientists became interested in knowing what causes these diseases. Some postulates have been published by different scientists also seeking unravel the disease mystery. For example, a scientist by the name Robert Koch(a microbiologist) postulated the “GERM THEORY OF DISEASE “ which clearly suggested that diseases were caused by very minute organisms that cannot be seen under our naked eyes and are omnipresent (Neil &Warner 2003). This discovery gave insight to more research on diseases. Over the last thirty years, we’ve seen a trend in technological development that has helped people deal with serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases and many more others. The field of molecular and cell is among the major developments in biological sciences. The genome project involves the application of the DNA technology in clinical practice. This technology has enabled scientists to isolate genes of disease causative agents. This has also led to progress in sequencing of their genomes and soon most genome sequences of infectious agents will be available. This technology has helped medical practitioners detect, diagnose and define any mechanisms of mutation/variability among these causative agents. This technology has also played an important role in testing drug efficacy just in case of mutation in their genomes. The application of DNA technology to control diseases has not been restricted to infective agents only but also to carriers. Technology has led to the manufacture of better drugs for curing these diseases. Impact of Technology Today’s spectacular advancements of technology in medicine is saving peoples’ lives and curing diseases that were considered incurable over thirty years ago. The development and improvement of technology has greatly improved our lives leading to a far better, easier and comfortable way of life (Carlisle & Scientific American 2005). The real impact technology has made is in the medical sector. Many lives have been saved through the use of technology to understand disease causes, diagnosis and treatment. There is dependence on technology to manage peoples’ lives. For instance, the invention of wheelchairs has enabled physically handicap people to move from one place to another. They can access work places easily. Orthopedic shoes have been invented to aid those with walking difficulties walk. Spectacles and contact lenses have enabled the visually-impaired people improve their sight and therefore can manage their lives. The invention of life support machines has helped hospitalized patients to manage and support their lives. The real impact technology has made is in the medical sector. Numerous diseases that were considered incurable can now be cured. For instance, heart attack can now be managed through the invention of thrombolytic drugs (Neil C et al, 2003). These drugs are known to dissolve the blockade that caused the attack. Surgery has been invented as an alternative to these drugs where the affected arteries can be grafted. Medicine in 20th century Although medicine existed for centuries, it was not effective in the early days as it is today. People used to suffer and die of diseases because of lack of and knowledge and technology to combat them. In early 20th century, cause of many diseases were a mystery or perhaps inaccurate. This is because clinical epidemiology and control of infectious diseases had made only a limited contribution to the health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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