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Technological developments over the past 30 years - Essay Example

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TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OVER THE PAST THIRTY YEARS Over the past thirty years technology has developed sharply and has affected people’s lives and health in many ways such as learning more about how to organize daily lifestyles. The effects are both positive and negative…
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Technological developments over the past 30 years
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Download file to see previous pages According to Zlogar (1996), several of these machines have simplified different complicated forms of surgeries such as brain, heart and lung surgeries. In the past, such surgeries were impossible and human being died of any disease that affected the lungs, heart or brain. Technology however has made it possible that human beings should survive. Better still, Thakkar et al (2012) states that some medical machines have been made into robots which conduct surgeries themselves in place of human doctors. A doctor simply sits behind a computer and commands the robot to operate on a patient. These robots are programmed and their operation is more accurate than that of human doctors. As such, chances of survival in the patient are higher than they were in the past. Besides, using robots has increased human resource where there was a deficiency, hence reaching out to many patients at a time in a very short period of time. Technology in form of medical machines has also made tremendous advancements in detecting very tiny disease causing agents or germs such as the virus or bacteria. Powell-Cope (2010) agree with Chernew et al (1998) that the use of revolutionized Microscopes, for example, has helped to identify different viruses and bacteria, the diseases they cause and how they can be suppressed or killed. Without such technologies, all these could have been guess work; and life could be horrible. Medical machines have also helped much to monitor body conditions that threaten the health of many people. Cutler (2011) agree with Fitzmaurice et al (2002) that people are able to check blood pressure (HP) and levels of sugar in their bodies; and therefore depending on the results take necessary action. Apart from that, medical machines, such as scanners, have also helped to check positions and developments of babies in their mothers’ wombs. This gives opportunity to parents to know that their babies are growing and developing in the right way, hence reduction in morbidity and mortality of the mothers and unborn babies. In the past many people’s health deteriorated due to the unavailability of such medical gadgets. Thanks to technology. Follette () further states that technology in medical machines has gone further to provide support to those who have been involved in accidents and their limbs have been amputated. In the past, if one lost his legs in an accident, there was no chance of walking again. Otherwise the person could just crawl. Today, there is hope. Medical machines have made it possible for people to have artificial legs and hands, which have fervently replaced the clutches and wheel chairs. Furthermore, Cutler (2011) admits that medical machines such as hearing aids have made it possible for the deaf to hear and interact with others normally. The old people today need not fear about loss of their teeth because medical machines have made teeth available for them. On the other hand, the original teeth have lasted longer because of the availability of the medical machines that care and maintain teeth. Medical machines have also played a big role in skin grafting, hair replacement and several others. Medical machines have also helped very much in the manufacturing of drugs which treat several diseases. The absence which could have made life to be in danger because there could be no drug manufacturing; if not the process could have been to slow. Finally, Fitzmaurice (2002) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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