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Outline I. Introduction II. Definition III. Effects of binge drinking A. Negative impact on academic performance B. Indulgence in dangerous stunts and unsafe actions IV. Risk Factors A. Youth specific aggressive behavior B. College environment V. Conclusion Introduction Binge drinking has become on of the major problems in world…
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Download file to see previous pages The effects of binge drinking are harmful not only to the social and professional life but also to the physical health of a person. Hence, preventing young people from developing the habit of binge drinking is extremely essential. It is important to note that the study of risk factors have shown that binge drinking is more of a lifestyle related problem. Binge drinking is considered as a ‘courageous’ and ‘macho’ thing to do and hence, is taken as a challenge by aggressive young people. It is the desire to live a thrilling life that leads to binge drinking. Hence, if binge drinking is to be reduced or prevented among adolescents and young adults, then immediate and essential steps are needed to be taken by authoritative bodies to make changes in the college environment, and form some strict rules as it is the desire of enjoying a rash and dangerous lifestyle that leads young people to indulge in binge drinking. Definition Throughout the world, binge drinking is defined differently (Tischler 29). In Sweden, binge drinking is defined as “drinking a half bottle of hard liquor or two bottles of wine on one occasion” (Tischler 29). For Italians, having even eight drinks a day is not binging (Tischler 29). English people think that a person can be called a binge drinker only when he has 11 or more drinks on one occasion (Tischler 29). This shows that the definition of binge drinking differs on the basis of the amount of alcohol consumed on one occasion. In 1994, social psychologist Henry Wechsler defined binge drinking as “five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women” (Watson 98). According to Wechsler, when men take five or more drinks in one sitting and women take four or more drinks in one sitting, then they are said to be indulging in binge drinking (Watson 101). However, some groups refused this definition as they say that the factor of amount of time over which the drinks were consumed is not reflected in the definition (Watson 101). This definition was modified to include the factor of short time in binge drinking. According to the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, binge drinking is defined as “5 or more drinks for males and 4 or more drinks for females in a 2-hour period” (Kearney and Trull 249). From the definition, it is clear that when alcohol is consumed in large amount on one occasion, then it creates fatal results. The effects of binge drinking are extremely dangerous. Effects of binge drinking Studies have shown that binge drinking affects young people in very serious way. It not only affects their performance at schools, colleges or work, but also prove to be life threatening. Binge drinking is known to kill people as it has the potential to affect the functioning of the body in serious ways. Some of the negative effects of binge drinking are discussed below. Negative impact on academic performance One of the wrong understandings that lead to binge drinking is the idea of ‘occasional drinking.’ Young people tend to forget that it is by getting into a trap of ‘occasional drinking’ or ‘few drinks’ that one usually becomes addicted to binge drinking. People lose control and never realize when they crossed the limits of ‘few drinks’ or ‘once in a while’ (Alagna 29). It has been found in one of the national studies that the rate of educational, social and health problems are higher in students who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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