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What Are the Roles And Resonsibilities of the UK Government Towards the Public Healh of Its Citzens And In Particular Children - Essay Example

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This paper talks about public health, ideally, refers to a collective responsibility by people that seeks to promote and protect the health of a particular population. In many instances the government plays the leading role in the collective interventions that seek to ensure population health. …
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What Are the Roles And Resonsibilities of the UK Government Towards the Public Healh of Its Citzens And In Particular Children
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Extract of sample "What Are the Roles And Resonsibilities of the UK Government Towards the Public Healh of Its Citzens And In Particular Children"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that the general public that includes the parents, teachers, alcohol retailers and even religious leaders have their role to play. Such is the case that this group bears the greatest responsibility since they are always in contact with young people. This group, especially the elderly can play their role well when leading as role models for the young people. It should be the responsibility of each of these people to advice young people on the dangers of such behaviors. Parents should pay close attention to their children needs ensuring they know their whereabouts and correct them whenever they sense they are going astray. In all these cases , it will be prudent to know that at their age these young people may not really use well their personal liberties and as such all these parties have the responsibility to provide guidance and where possible correction.
This paper makes a conclusion that public health is a sensitive part of any population and as such issues raised with regard to this subject should always take priority in the UK government planning. It is true that public health issues raise some ethical problems, particularly regarding peoples liberties, that the government should tackle amicably. Using the two modalities, namely Paternalism and harm principle, the UK government can successfully balance the demands of individual liberties and the desire to promote social good for all. Looking at UK public health based on the issue of binge drinking among UK teens. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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