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A government refers to the central authority that governs over a jurisdiction. There are various levels of governments and this depends on the…
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The Role of Government
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Download file to see previous pages mited by the government, Democracy a government where power is held by the people, Dictatorship a government where the ruler holds all the power, Monarchy where power is inherited and passed on to the ruler’s heir and many more there are governments within the world that adopted hybrid systems of government that are a combination of a number of types of governments, examples are modern Iran whose hybrid government is a combination of theocratic institutions and democracy and the Netherlands whose government is a combination of democracy and monarchy (Adler, 1996).
A government’s fundamental role is to maintain basic security and social order within its framework. In the words of the philosopher Thomas Hobbes people tend to prefer submission to a government dominated by a sovereign rather than a system where there is no government, a system also known as anarchy therefore people in a community will submit to a government to create for themselves a system security and social order.
We can see that states or nations whose populations live under a state of anarchy there is a distinct condition of turmoil and confusion amongst them since each and every one of them has to fend for themselves and there is no provision of basic social amenities by a defined body hence it is important to have a central governing body be it political, religious or hierarchical and which is charged through its machinery to uphold the rule of law and ensure that every member of society under its governance is able to access the basic social amenities that is education, affordable health care and a shelter to live in (Schulze, 1994).
It’s the role of the government to protect its citizens from its neighbors or potential non neighbors from any threat that they may pose from outside the countrys borders. This necessitates the need of a military through which defense can be enhanced. In the medieval times families relied on strong family members to protect them, their crops in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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