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Role of government - Essay Example

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The role of the USA government has evolved over time, and the current role of the government is very different from its role in the 19th century. The complexity of the current government differs from…
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Role of government
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Extract of sample "Role of government"

What is the Proper Role of Government? A government is the system through which a country or a community is overseen. The role of the USA government has evolved over time, and the current role of the government is very different from its role in the 19th century. The complexity of the current government differs from that of the olden government and consequently its roles are more complex.
In the past, the government only protected the people living in its boundaries. Currently, the government extends its protection to it citizens in other nations and can even protect other people depending on the situation. In the 19th century, the government had little concern about the economy of the country. The government only ensured that its people had sufficient food and basic necessities (Zeckhauser and Leebaert 84). However, current governments are concerned with the improvement of the economy. The government takes the responsibility of funding projects that will benefit the citizens an also generate income to the nation. Unlike the olden governments, the current government also invests in other nations so that the country has a larger income. The government facilitates international trade that has an economic benefit for the nation. The changes have come as a result of the economic competition between countries and the desire for development.
The government protects the rights of all people regardless of their race or gender. Current governments are focused on gender and race equalities and hence the laws that are developed and enforced have a lot of respect for gender and race equality. This has come up as a result of modernization and evolvement of cultures. The government plays a vital role in enforcing rights and freedoms of its citizens. The governments of the 19th century favored the natives, but the situation has long changed due to the pressures for equality.
The modern governments are very helpful in preparation for disasters and offer a lot of help when natural disasters hit (Zeckhauser and Leebaert 171). The current governments have implemented programs and set up departments that deal with natural disasters. Through such departments, the government is able to help its people during disasters. The situation was different during the 19 century since technology levels were low, and the government roles were not well defined. Programs such as the FEMA have been developed specifically to ply for the needs of the citizens during disasters.
The government has made an improvement in its role in the medical and education sectors. In the past, the role of the government was only to build schools and medical facilities. However, the current government goes a step ahead to ensure that people get quality and cheap education and health care. The government subsidizes the cost of education and comes up with policies that lead to improvement of educational standards. The governed also ensures that both the poor and the rich get equal education opportunities and thus improves the social status. This is different from the situation in the 19 century whereby the government did not have much concern about the quality of education. The government has also subsidized medical fees and insures the health all people (Zeckhauser and Leebaert 60). The current government invests a lot in medical research to ensure that its citizens have quality medical care.
The changes in the roles of the government are a show that the government is more concerned with its citizens. Governments have increased their attention on their people, and this indicates a positive social contract between the citizens and the government
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Role of Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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