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The CDRP (Center for Disaster Risk Policy) provides governments organizations with emergency management and technical assistance related program as well as information system development. The continuing mission of CDRPs is identification, development, and promotion of best…
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Roles and Responsibilities of Government, NGOs and Volunteer Organizations. M2S
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Roles and Responsibilities of Government, NGOs and Volunteer Organizations College: The CDRP (Center for Disaster Risk Policy)provides governments organizations with emergency management and technical assistance related program as well as information system development. The continuing mission of CDRPs is identification, development, and promotion of best practices in public and emergency management (CDRP, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to examine the roles and responsibilities of government, NGOs, and volunteer organizations in CDRPs.
Roles and Responsibilities of Government
The government must provide an anchor of CDRPs by ensuring an office or ministry provides adequate political authority in ensuring coherence of policy throughout the disaster preparedness centers. Risk governance capacities requires incremental decentralization coupled with clear mandates, systems of subsidiarity, and budgets to promote ownership as well as risk governance improvement at all levels (GAR, 2011).
Government must provide necessary capacities and resources for effective performance of the CDRPs to alleviate barriers to participation of civil society and weak accountability (GAR, 2011).
Health. Strong health services and good health are vital in reduction of disasters’ risks. Government must provide effective health systems for supporting individuals in response and recovery from disasters and protecting them from the disaster-related risks. Thus, government must prioritize emergency preparedness, risk reduction, and planning in health sector (Merlin, 2004).
Environmental and transportation: Governments must ensure vulnerable areas are well prepared through such initiatives as construction of dams and drainage systems in flood-prone areas. Such areas must also have reliable infrastructure system to help in response towards disaster (Merlin, 2004).
Effects of Government Roles and Responsibilities on NGOs and Volunteer Organization. Once the government meets its roles and responsibilities in disaster preparedness and management, the NGOs and voluntary organizations, which come in to assist, will have a simpler task as they will use the already established networks in their rescue missions.
In conclusion, governments must ensure that they provide effective disaster preparedness and management resources to ensure that the population is safe and well covered in case disaster strikes.
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