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Sexualization of Young Girls - Essay Example

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The topic of the sexualization of the youth is extraordinarily important. This paper'll determine the importance to provide a degree of remedy, a degree of responsibility and conduction according to the mores and norms that have been described at length within the articles that have been discussed…
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Sexualization of Young Girls
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"Sexualization of Young Girls"

Download file to see previous pages Without question the society that we live in is one that is highly affected by marketing, media, and the representation of culture that we the individual is bombarded within on a daily level. Countless scores of research projects have been performed on the way in which individual integrate with these marketing ploys, the degree to which they allow marketing to affect their lives, and the percentage of income that such efforts are able to siphon off the viewer. Although this is a fascinating topic and doubtless deserves an even greater degree of analysis due to the fact that it segments many interrelated sectors of psychology, sociology, culture, gender, representation of self image, insecurities, and a litany of others. As a function of understanding this threat, the following analysis will seek to draw a level of inference with regards to the hyper-sexualization of children via marketing, the internet, advertising, and parenting. Ultimately, as these different factors will be analyzed and discussed, it is the hope of this author that a level of understanding and analysis can be drawn to the ways in which the sexualization that is taking place might ultimately be reduced. Although the advertising media is nothing new with regards to its ability to sway human judgment and define culture, as the documentary which has been viewed as a means of informing this response has indicated, the renewed focus that marketologists have placed upon the niche market of “tweens” has been a powerful determinant in exemplifying the means by which products are engaged to some of the at-risk teenage girls within our society. One of the sources that has been read as a means of informing this particular piece is that of Taylor Wolleck’s piece entitled, “Of 'The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization Of Young Girls And Five Keys To Fixing It”. As such, this particular journal entry details the way in which media, advertising, and marketing all work singlehandedly to mold and establish a culture that has and would not otherwise exist before (Wolleck 124). This is a seminal and important inclusion in the field of the literature on the topic due to the fact that it is one of the few journal entries that seeks to deal with the full range and scope of the issue rather than dealing merely with ways to curb its effect. Although it is the author’s belief that this text is important as well as influential in helping to expound nuances of the situation, it has however unfortunately missed the point with regards to providing any help at all with regards to reversing the trend. Ultimately, the source is useful as it provides a broad and overarching framework from which the reader can seek to approach the issue of media interpolation into fashion, culture, and attitudes towards sexualization of the youth of the nation (Egan 293). As the documentary illustrates, the identification of a distinct group that can be identified as “tweens” was ultimately a figment of advertisers and marketologists as a means to create a distinct group that they could target with product lies that would ultimately translate into a higher level of sales. Although it is not the intention of this brief paper to belabor the point of the “tween” market, seeking to understand it is integral in understanding the hyper-sexualization of culture that has been experienced over the past several years. In much the same way, marketologists have focused upon development sleek and highly sexualized means of integrating with this new “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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