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Media Effect on Young Girls Development in Society - Essay Example

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In the report, it is stated that the effect of media on modern-day teenagers is in most cases crystal clear. Moreover, the key contributing reason is that on average, today’s teenage girl spends about 44 hours a week on various forms of media e.g. television, computer and cell phones…
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Media Effect on Young Girls Development in Society
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the teenage period in girls is associated with struggles of coming to terms with body image, search for identity, struggle to balance between learning and play hours, social and parental pressure, and health and wellness (Tiggemann & Miller, 2010). At their age, young teenage girls search for role models or heroes who they emulate in almost every aspect including diet and other values. The media is a cheap and accessible source of information and young teenage girls are inclined to it not just for school work but also in resolving their teenage issues. Although, the discussion surrounding the impact of media on young girls brings out varied opinions, the media is the main culprit when it comes to shaping young teenage girls’ personality.
According to psychological studies, children and adolescents learn by observing and imitating which results to low self-esteem, eating disorders and peer mirroring. The curiosity to change their body image and search for identity among teenagers increases the need to seek the best options from the media and results to low self-esteem. Therefore, in an attempt to emulate media images, girls often take drastic measures to look like celebrities. Low self-esteem seems like a thinking disorder that causes girls feel inadequate, incompetent, unlovable and unworthy. Once formed, the negative image causes young teenage girls to entertain a negative perception of self that penetrates through their thoughts and the media content offers an easy but short-term solutions.
Some teenage girls develop eating disorders as they become dissatisfied with their bodies. Most girls are not satisfied mostly by their size and try to change themselves just to “fit in”. By the time most girls reach their late teens, they have received a great deal of information from the media about how the female body should look like (Sheila, 2003). The pressure from the media is too much with unrealistic expectations of how young girls should look, how they are expected to act, how their body image should be, hair, makeup and clothing.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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