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Name Tutor Course College Date The Truth about Mass Shootings and Gun Controls In the event of a national catastrophe, we are encapsulated with fear. Due to bitterness we begin to point fingers at the evils with us. Adam lanza, an honors student robbed his mother of four guns, killed her and most abominable of all: murdered twenty unarmed innocent children and six adults in cold blood…
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Download file to see previous pages Rational signals or laws may just spur them to do worse while making their misdeeds look appealing. There is hue and cry on what should be done. The media firmly supports disarmament although many will be left defenseless . Aspiring politicians further bend the sandy hook tragedy denouncing ownership of firearms for their own career boost (Domenech 45). According to Grant Duwe’s research, both mass murders and homicides have dropped since 1960s. Criminologist, Fox also shows that mass shootings victims have been roughly consistence with margins being credited as sheer coincidence or copycats. As appalling as these murders are, these culprits are not responsible for 1% of the nation’s homicide cases. Criminology studies also support Duwe’s research accusing the media of not laying the true facts of mass murder ignoring the most prevalent cause of death. Political fires are brewing with Senator Diane proposing an ineffectual bill to ban 120 firearms. The bill would also force government seizure of previously bought firearms. In addition debating this bill will ensue in reactions from lawful gun owners. Piers Mogan agrees with democrats blaming the policies that allow gun ownership as a vent of causing violence and denounces the 2nd amendment. Focusing on the UK a handgun ban in 1998 following a shooting massacre was unprecedentedly followed by a rise in serious crime. Shocking as this may be in 2011 the number of legal gun ownership went up by a third and coincidentally the number of gun related crimes dropped by 74%. Majority of shootings is however classified by place and race. Statistics show that 58% of the crimes were in large cities and done mostly by blacks. This represents 16% of the homicide victims. There is no comprehension however of the weapons that the villains use. Research shows that in 2% of gun crimes assault weapons are carried. Adam Lanza used the ar-15 rifle which takes a standard 223-caliber bullet. The rifles used by Lakota and Arapaho Indians fired bullets almost 10 times larger than the.223. The caliber does not however determine the lethality of the gun. Others argue that the main issue is the mental health system to not giving proper care to the mentally ill. Steps may be undertaken to ensure they do not possess guns but hurrying to committing to the mentally unstable has its cons: having them bear a lifetime penalty for transgressions never to be committed. The Secret History of Guns Supporters of gun rights argue that the second amendment gives right to gun ownership but portrays no regulation. Advocates still do not support the amendment arguing it covers state militias and is not strong enough to mandate disarmament. The founders of the nation made hard-core gun laws that denied ownership to many people. Individual allowed to own guns had to report regular musters for gun inspection registered on public rolls. According to newton the civil rights movement caused more violence. Malcolm x and the panthers however argued for their gun ownership right based on the constitution. Guns became a piece of their identity. Luther’s application to own a firearm after his house bombing was denied .The panthers started giving public display of their firearms. Once Newton was stopped by Oakland police to show his gun but he vehemently refused grounding his rights. No arrest was made. The event inspired the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summary Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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