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Gun Control Enforcement Name Institution Instructor Course Date Thesis statement: Gun control should be enforced because it does not violate the Second Amendment, lowers crime, and gun ownership cannot protect owners. The purpose of this paper hence is to discuss the reasons why gun control should be enforced and the impact that it will have on the society at large…
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Gun control should be enforeced
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"Gun control should be enforeced"

Download file to see previous pages This amendment was based on and greatly influenced by the right to keep and bear arms that was exemplified in the English common-law. In recent times the Second Amendment has been subject to renewed judicial and academic interest. In the District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) court case, the court ruled out expressly that the amendment protects individuals to keep fire arms. When initially adopted in 1791, the Second Amendment aimed to protect and promote the safety of American citizens. In the experiences prior to the constitution, the early English settlers in the United States viewed the rights to keep and bear arms as important for reasons such as: It served to enable people to form organised militias, it was viewed to help people to participate in law enforcement, it was presumed to repel invasion and generally facilitating the natural right to self-defence. Over the years, there have been numerous debates and arguments as to whether people should own guns and the reasons supporting each argument. There have been several reasons proposed as t why Americans should own guns but there are a few major reasons that really make a difference. The core reason as to why Americans should own guns is for protection and safety purposes. ...
B. National Rifle Association The National Rifle Association (NRA) was formed in 1871 with the aim of promoting firearm competency, safety and ownership. It also catered for police training in the use of firearms, marksmanship and self-defence programs in the United States (National Rifle Association, 1989). In essence, the NRA is one of the largest endorsing organisations for firearm possession and safety in the fields involving police training, recreational use and child firearm safety. The National Rifle Association also supports gun rights in the United States. Though there have been different reactions as pertains to the NRA supporting gun rights; it does so in a bid to ensure that American citizens can feel ‘safe’ and protected when they carry or possess a firearm but the use of them being regulated subject to standard conditions. The NRA believe that by creating and developing a standard to which both manufacturers retailers and civilians who possess guns can adhere to, the safety standards of the individual Americans would improve. II. Gun Control does not violate the Constitution A. The differences between 17th and 21st Century Every individual in the society has a personal opinion as pertains to gun ownership and control. The society as a whole as evolved from the 17th century to date in terms of the perception of gun control. In the 17th century, there was no a clear guidance or regulation in place to govern and control the use of fire arms and the constitution did not provide for the possession of fire arms. During this period, not many civilians owned fire arms and hence it was not a pertinent need as compared to the current trends. In the 21st century, the presence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Gun Control Should Be Enforeced Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Gun Control Should Be Enforeced Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“Gun Control Should Be Enforeced Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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Gun control
...issue for the people of America. There are two views regarding the subject. The advocates of gun control who stress that guns increase the level of crime while the gun supporters argue that the absence of guns will result in more deaths and facilitate murder (Sieberg 2005). Pros: The advocates of Gun Control Gun control supporters argue that more guns mean more deaths in the society and should be removed from the country immediately. They believe that people who own guns are more likely to kill their friends or a family member rather...
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... the guns loaded in their homes in places easily reached by the small children The small children are ignorant of the use of a gun and some of the older ones are adventurous. This leads to them using the guns, which inflicts harm to them or to other people around them. Controlling of the ownership of firearms will reduce the accidents in the residences of the owners and therefore reduce the deaths of the innocent children. Another positive effect of the gun power is that there will be expansion of other industries that deal with provision of security. The security industries should be licensed to possess guns to safeguard the society. The society will have to look for alternative methods to guard themselves and for self-protection... ...
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... Gun Control: The Ethical Justification of Possessing Firearms The term gun control is at times understood as a counterpoint to the idea of gun rights, where the former is used to refer to the implementation of strict regulations and policies pertaining to firearm possession, while the latter refers to the position that upholds the presumably inherent right to possess firearms. A conflict of interests therefore seems to arise between the two positions. On a theoretical level however, it can be seen that the fundamental issue is one of control and restriction: What is the justifiable degree of restriction appropriate to gun ownership and use? The two sides of the debate showcase significant arguments. On one hand, it is argued... that the...
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Gun Control
...? Why Gun Control? (College) Why Gun Control? The liberal use of guns and gun related crimes have become an order of the day inthe United States. People who use guns do not realize that guns are enemies even to those who use them. The present scenario in the US indicates the need of gun control. The use of guns must be controlled so as to ensure public safety and social order. Once the permission to use guns is given to an individual, the liberty and free life of the fellow beings are encroached. Gun...
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Gun control
...). Thus, gun control measures should be reduced for the benefit of the individuals. It provides an individual with powers to fight for their own security. The denial of this permission is actually the denial of the right of an individual to fight for his life. Works Cited 1.Associated Press. SUPREME COURT MAY TAKE ON GUN CONTROL CASE. Fox News. 12 Nov. 2007. Web 12 May 2011 Top of Form 2. Gold, Susan D. Gun Control. New York: Benchmark Books, 2004. Print. Top of Form 3. Mauser, Gary A. The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public...
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...?Gun Control One of the prevailing myths regarding gun control is that it has been shown to reduce crime rates in foreign countries. In reality this is a false assumption and research has demonstrated this to be inaccurate. One of the major misconceptions regarding gun control in foreign countries is that it greatly reduces the murder rate. While statistical evidence demonstrates that many countries where stringent gun control has been enacted do have relatively low murder rates, it’s also accurate that the murder rates in these countries was already low before the gun...
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Gun Control
...?Gun Control The term gun control is widely used in the international context because some nations follow strict limits and some other nations followmodest limits on civilian possession of firearms. To be specific, the ultimate aim of allowing civilians to possess weapons, especially guns, is self-protection. Those who are in favor of gun ownership argue that the same can protect the civilians from aggression. On the other side, those who are in favor of gun control argue that gun control can reduce violence in the society. Still, modest restrictions on civilian gun ownership prove that the same cannot guarantee the lives of civilians in general. Thesis statement: The research work on gun control proves that the possession of semi... ...
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Gun Control
...Gun Control Violence, gun control, and gun rights have become the most popular issues in the current events. These have continued to raise a debate, and have borne considerable controversies. The people in the United States are highly divided, with regard to these issues. While some support gun control, others support gun rights. Nonetheless, gun control includes the laws, rules, and regulations, which restrict the manufacture, sale, ownership, and use of guns. On the other hand, gun rights mainly advocate for the possession and use of...
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Gun Control
...Gun Control Introduction The topic of Gun Control is controversial and the debate surrounding it often emotional usually centering on differing interpretations of the Constitution. However, reasonable consideration of gun control issues illustrates that some form of legislation or control of guns is necessary if the violence in our nation is to be contained. There are numerous reasons why citizens no longer need to be concerned with carrying guns as they might have more than 200 years ago when the Constitution was written. There are no more threats of hostile Indian attacks and little...
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Gun Control
...GUN CONTROL: To Regulate or Not to Regulate? Due INTRODUCTION One of the most controversial, heated, and debated issues of the modern world involve gun control. Guns can be incredibly dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. In reaction to that reality many average, every day people feel compelled to own guns in order to protect themselves from others misuse or abuse of such weapons. While fun ownership is legal there are many laws and serious penal consequences that are intended to deter inappropriate gun use and increasingly severe consequences for its misuse. However there are many American citizens that feel that...
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