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Plagiarism - Essay Example

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Plagiarism occurs when a writer purports an idea that belongs to another writer as his original idea failing to acknowledge the source of information. Plagiarism is intellectual dishonest or theft since one implies to own ideas that are not his own, and consequently commits a form of dishonesty…
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Download file to see previous pages Plagiarism usually applies to specific texts that are print published, texts that are online, manuscripts, not forgetting the work of other writers. Thus, if plagiarism is present, either intentional or unintentional, it results to low or poor quality of the paper submitted either by a student or the author irrespective of their rank (Ali et al, 2011). Most students are aware of the consequences arising from actions that constitute plagiarism. For instance, if student copies information that is published into a newspaper and it does not attribute the source for the main purpose of claiming the information is his own, or even the act of turning another student’s constitute plagiarism. Moreover, plagiarism has a negative externalities on students in the form of low grades for students who plagiarize thereby diminishing the education credentials or grade for a student (Dee and Jacob, 2012). Plagiarism may lead to an institution or an individual being sued by the author who owns the ideas plagiarized for breach of intellectual property law. In addition, university authorities should do well not to desist in attempting to dissuade students from plagiarism (Selwyn, 2008); moreover, good college experience for students lies in the synthesizing of the ideas gained in class and reproducing them in their own unique way while avoiding plagiarism. Quoting is one of the strategies used in avoiding plagiarism when referring to wordings that are factual or a statement that are hard to change without altering the intended meaning. When using this strategy it is advisable to write the authors’ exact words using quotation marks, and when quoting longer quotes it is advisable to put as in an indented paragraph and the source included either within the text of paper or on the footnote. An example of a quotation would be: “Adam Winkler who studies constitutional-law at the U.C.L.A was able to broadly demonstrate in his book Gunfight how fire arm possession has been regulated in the United States of America” (Jill, 2012). In case of quoting longer sections the writer should use a block quote such as: Adam Winkler who studies constitutional-law at the U.C.L.A was able to broadly demonstrate in his book Gunfight how firearm possession has been regulated in the United States of America. Regulation of firearms has been done in Kentucky and Louisiana through having concealed weapons being passed in these cities. The rules were later implemented in the cities of Indiana in 1820, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Ohio by end of 1859. The law was gradually adopted eventually spread to Texas Oklahoma and Florida. The governor of Texas explained that concealing a dangerous weapon is murdering an individual and therefore it is the duty of every one to respect a man who obeys the law (Jill, 2012). Paraphrasing is another strategy used in avoiding plagiarism which involves the putting someone else ideas in your own words at the same time ensuring the words are not rearranged or replaced with few words. In addition, it entails reading, internalizing the ideas presented and then writing them in one’s own words, and eventually citing the source from which the text was read from since the idea was got from that specific source. It is important to note that when a student does not have sufficient time to conduct research essential to effectively complete their research paper they can cite that of another person who did the research, but acknowledge them by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
“Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1”, n.d.
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...?[Your full full July 23, Plagiarism Plagiarism refers to the act of copying or using the ideasof others without referring to the original source. For example, if a person writes a report or an essay and copies some relevant statements from other sources, such as, internet articles, encyclopedias, books, magazines, government documents, and publications, without mentioning the sources of those statements both within the essay and in the page of references, it means that the person has done plagiarism in his/her paper. Plagiarism is considered an academic crime in academic settings. There is no school, college, or university anywhere in the world that does not discourage...
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...WRITING MENT The purpose of submitting this written ment is to clarify and explain myself to my teacher and the misconduct officer for the prima facie case of suspected plagiarism regarding my work on individual report on “Samsung Strategic Plan.” In the following passages I have given the accounts in order to justify myself how this was not intentionally done. I know that plagiarism is a violation of the code of conduct and is a malpractice. I have a clear understanding that I am prohibited to take another writer’s work and ideas and claim them as my own. I acknowledge the fact that I have copied word-for-word but most of the text was not paraphrased or copied at all. In no way did I mean any...
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... Plagiarism and Strategy for Prevention The advancement of technology has ensured that a whole lot of textual material is now available onlinewithin a few clicks of the mouse. This easy access has tremendous advantages because students and researchers across the globe can take advantage of referring to materials, which were earlier available only in certain libraries. On the other side, this has also made plagiarism easier than ever before (Underwood and Szabo, 2003). The Council of Writing Program’s Administrators (WPA) mentions that plagiarism happens when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) material without acknowledg­ing its source (Council of Writing Program... ...
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...Plagiarism Plagiarism Steven’s academic dishonesty could have and should have led to various or one of the penalties levied directly on him. Individuals who are caught for conducting plagiarism can face various or one of the penalties stated in the plagiarism and the academic dishonesty policy of the educational institute (Brosche, 2011, p.123). Some of these outcomes include: suspension from the university for a limited time period or for a very prolonged time period, in GCU a student can be suspended for 16 weeks to two years for academic dishonesty. According to the policies of GCU, a student may be awarded an F grade for the complete course in which he has conducted academic dishonesty or F grade may be assigned to the project... or the...
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...1. Word of Mouth: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy 1 Elucidating the Notion of Word of Mouth Word of mouth (WOM) has often been considered to have a significant impact in the field of buyer behaviour and marketing in a general sense (Buttle, 1998; Trusov, Bucklin, & Pauwels, 2009). One prominent definition of WOM communication is that it is oral communication that occurs between one person and another that the person receiving perceives to be as non-commercial (Arndt, 1967). However, this definition is not fully accurate in modern times. One issue with this definition is that it considers WOM communication to only occur when two people are face-to-face and communicating orally (Stokes & Lomax, 2002). Electronic communication has... Word of...
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...Recommendation for Ingrid’s penalty in committing plagiarism There is no doubt that plagiarism goes against school policy of upholding academic integrity. The accused, Ingrid, admitted to the plagiarism charges lodged against her by her instructor. In her defense, she cited that such commission of plagiarism was unintentional because she was extremely busy that she neglected to document her source as carefully as should have. The punishment for plagiarism under the school’s policy for a senior is withholding the bachelor’s degree for one year and a permanent notation on the student’s transcript that he or she committed plagiarism.  ...
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...Plagiarism Plagiarism is a serious offence that can bring many problems to the one who plagiarizes. Everybody knows that but plagiarism still happens and what is the most unpleasant is that it often happens unintentionally. The cause of unintentional plagiarism is the lack of knowledge about proper referencing. Correct paraphrasing and proper referencing are the only ways to avoid any kind plagiarism (Alfrey, 2000). The first way is correct paraphrasing. For example, the sentence “Socrates is one of best philosophers in the world” can be paraphrased like “Socrates is deservingly considered to be the one of the most outstanding philosophers in our history” (Source). The proper source is needed here for a case if our paraphrasing... is not...
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...Plagiarism Introduction Plagiarism has been an issue of utmost concern in the academic field for years now. This issuehas particularly increased with the advent of the internet. The inception of the internet has catapulted the indulgence in plagiarism because it has eased access to content in the web that students use in the form of plagiarized information. This assignment highlights some of the repercussions for perpetrators of plagiarism and discusses whether students observe the rules of this malicious act. Additionally, the paper gives recommendations on the measures that academic institutions can take to curb plagiarism amongst...
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...Plagiarism in the criminal justice field How could this be problematic in your major field of study? Plagiarism is very real in the professional work place (Ferree & Pfeifer, 2013). In the past few years, there have been highly publicized cases of professionals losing their jobs because of passing off other people’s work as their own. In the criminal justice field, plagiarism is not only unethical but also illegal and may lead to criminal charges (Ferree & Pfeifer, 2013). Explain the difficulties of someone presenting another individual’s hard work as their own if this occurred on the job or where you intend to work after obtaining this degree It is very difficult for someone to present...
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..._______________________________ Print out and study the four examples below. Each example first presents the original work, followed by text that a student wrote and handed in for an essay assignment. Decide if the student’s work constitutes plagiarism or not. If the student’s work is plagiarism, identify it as one of the 5 types described on the handout, “Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It”. Note, however, that the student’s work may be acceptable. EXAMPLE 1: Original Writing from Two Sources Source 1: "Despite the strong public opposition, the Reagan administration continued to install so many North American men, supplies, and facilities in Honduras that one expert called it...
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