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Expound deeper meanings of the movie The Strangers (2008) - Essay Example

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Subject: 10 December 2012 Strangers in an Unsafe Environment “The Strangers” (2008), directed by Brian Bertino, falls in the horror-suspense category and narrates the story of a young couple, who are undergoing relationship problems, and, who, despite living together do not seem to know and understand each other well enough…
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Expound deeper meanings of the movie The Strangers (2008)
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"Expound deeper meanings of the movie The Strangers (2008)"

Download file to see previous pages The review further finds that the film deviates from the usual blood and gore but focuses on being “suspenseful and brilliantly invested in silence” (par.2). Thus, obviously, the movie’s purpose is not to present the usual graphic flicks of violence and bloodshed in the name of horror but to illustrate the intricacies of human life, where the “seeming” differs from the “real.” Thus, the movie subtly portrays a hidden meaning that the house that appears to be safe hosts horrors lurking beneath the surface and the couple who seems to be so close are in fact distanced from each other. In the beginning of the movie, as the couple drives across the street, the audience views a serene, peaceful and calm neighborhood, with several houses that look quiet elegant and clean, with beautiful gardens. Thus, overall the impression one gathers is that of a safe and tranquil environment. Then the movie shows blood on the wall and a gun as the audiences listens to a 911 report in progress. Thus, by contrasting a serene environment with the telltale signs of brutal violence, the movie reveals that there is a hidden meaning about the home and that all is not well as it seems. The movie then goes into the flashback mode, showing the events that resulted in the distress call. The couple has been to a marriage reception and they decide to take a retreat at the residence, which is the summer home of the boy’s family. Thus, for the couple there exists the presumption of safety attached to the villa. However, as the couple enters the home and takes a walk around the audience can feel a disconcerting aura around the home, which is one of the most significant elements for making it a subtle horror movie. The creepiness enhances as the film progresses, especially with the introduction of the girl, who knocks at the door, asking for Tamara. From then on, the concept of safety of the home dissipates and fear starts creeping in. Thus, the movie reveals that there is something hidden about the home, a lurking primeval fear below its calm and serene appearance. A while after they reach the home, James, the protagonist, proposes to Kristen, saying “I remember the first time I saw you,” which suggests that the couple have been seeing each other for a while (Bryan 2008). However, Kristen refuses. Thus, the audience receives the first hint that though they appear familiar with each other, there is something that separates them. As the movie progresses, the audience feels an undercurrent of tension that mounts between them. It becomes more pronounced when James begins to have the ice cream without waiting for his girlfriend, though he knows she will join him soon. The accompanying music in these scenes accentuates the tension between them. Subsequently, James offers the ring back to Kristen telling her, “Take it because I can’t take it back” (Bryan 2008). Kristen does not respond and keeps running her fingers through her untied hair. However, when James offers her the wine bottle from which he has taken a swig, she accepts and takes herself a swig too. This gesture connotes to a personal bonding, which, in fact, does not exist between them. Thus, though both these characters act as if they are quite familiar with each other, their closeness is literally wearing off. Besides, though the couple shows certain intimacy between, their relationship does not seem mature enough to culminate into a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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